Youtube Streamy Awards: The Biggest Snubs at the Grand Creator Gala Including Dream, Hot Ones, and Quackity

Youtube Streamy Awards: The Biggest Snubs at the Grand Creator Gala Including Dream, Hot Ones, and Quackity

The YouTube Stream Awards 2022 just took place, marking the first time the entire show was live-streamed. The Streamy Awards is one of the most significant awards for the online creator community, which in the past years has taken over the globe. It was a night of celebration for the creators to pat themselves on the back for actively churning out creative content on such a regular basis.

Fans all gathered up to watch their favorite creator get the recognition they deserve. While many deserving creators such as Ryan Trahan and IShowSpeed got their due recognition, there were many others who got snubbed.

Biggest snubs at the YouTube Streamy Awards 2022

The Streamy Awards 2022 has left a sour taste in many mouths. On one hand, a creator who does averagely well gets the honor of hosting the entire show and does it with no vigor in sight. And on the other, artists who have put in massive efforts to keep us entertained throughout the year get snubbed.

This year marked the third year in a row that Mr.Beast won the Creator of the year. With over 100 million subscribers, the creator is out there giving out his numerous diamond play buttons.

While there is no doubt that Mr.Beast is one of the biggest channels on YouTube, there is also no denying that the man is running out of ideas. 2022 saw Mr. Beast posting irregular and generic content, and henceforth did not deserve a title that said ‘Creator’ on it. Fans believe that Dream, who recently did a face reveal, was the rightful winner in the category.

Another snub that had everyone visibly going ‘what the hell?’ was HotOnes not winning in the Show of the Year category. The show, with its array of award-winning guests, gave us some of the best celebrity moments.

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As celebrities tried to grapple with the spice, they let out some juicy confessions and we have Sean Evans’ humor to thank for that.

However, Hot Ones did not become the Show Of the Year, and a relatively unknown show titled Mythical Morning did. Speaking of snubs, Quackity did not win the Streamer of the Year. The Streamy Awards 2022 were hugely overtaken by gamers this year, which makes it even more disappointing that Quackity did not win.

The stream was mostly occupied by Quackity fans. And even though he did not win, they made it all about Quackity. While this could be called a case of toxic fandom but the streamer truly deserves it. Quackity lost the award to Kai Cenat. And while fans are disappointed, this isn’t even half of the disappointment they felt when hearing Mr.Beast win again.

The Streamy Awards 2022 did not witness a David Dobrik sighting, and fans have divided opinions about it. On the one hand, we cannot forget the joy his vlogs brought to us. And on the other, we were all appalled by the controversies that he caused. Therefore, even though the Streamy Awards 2022 had many categories, they were not enough for the stars of YouTube.

Who else did you think got snubbed? Let us know in the comments below.

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