MrBeast Once Again Rules YouTube Streamy Awards, Leaving Fans Happy but Not Surprised

MrBeast Once Again Rules YouTube Streamy Awards, Leaving Fans Happy but Not Surprised

MrBeast is a household name for every YouTube viewer. The legendary content creator amassed a whopping 115 million followers since he first started the channel back in 2012. Today, he is known not only for his content but also for the quality of the content and his loving personality.

MrBeast won the Creator of The Year Award back in 2020 and now he has won the award for being a top creator again. He has won this award three years in a row, which means fans would not be surprised to see him bag the award again. This year, the creator has been nominated for seven awards in total, increasing the probability of his wins. Meanwhile, fans are celebrating his win with some amazing reactions. Here is what fans say.

Fans celebrate with MrBeast for his 2022 Streamy Award win

MrBeast has millions of followers who celebrate his every win. The creator whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson could not be at the Streamy’s but managed to attend a live call with the Award show host Airrack. As the show goes on, more awards are being awarded, but here is how fans have reacted to the creator’s wins so far. 

MrBeast could not physically be present for the Award show in Los Angeles, as he had been traveling to Antartica as he mentioned during the call with the host on stage. The creator just won an award for Creator For Social Good. The category had Invisible People, MrBallen • MrBallen Foundation, MrBeast and Mark Rober • #TeamSeas, Ryan Trahan • Feeding America, and The Game Theorists • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in the list of nominees.

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MrBeast also grabbed the award for the creator of the year with other nominations like Airrack, Blogilates, Charli D’Amelio, Dream, JiDion, Logan Paul, Mark Rober, and MrBallen on the list. While there are also people who feel that newer YouTubers should be given the opportunity to win awards, what are your opinions on MrBeast winning the awards? Let us know in the comments.

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