Charithra Chandran Real-Life Smartness Juxtaposes Chucklehead Edwina From ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2

Charithra Chandran Real-Life Smartness Juxtaposes Chucklehead Edwina From ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2

Charithra Chandran may have portrayed the generous, sensitive Edwina Sharma on Bridgerton season 2. But in real life, the actress comes off as far more intelligent. She is just as eloquent as Edwina but unlike her, she’s a real go-getter. In a recent interview, the actress candidly reveals her love for acting and her cold emailing tactic that landed her the most sought-after role in Shondaland’s production. 

Charithra Chandran didn’t know she could pursue acting professionally

The 25-year-old did theater while growing up. However, coming from a traditional Indian family, her parents were more academically inclined. Thus, she pursued academics at the University of Oxford. 

But I never really thought that being a professional actor was a possibility. I just didn’t know how that would come about. What that would mean. I mean even journalism was left field for my family,” she confessed. But at her University, she rekindled her love affair with acting once again.

After the series broke viewership milestones, her parents were happy. 

‘It’s such a scary world for them. And they know that any moment however wonderful it is, it’s transient. So they worry about the stability and the security of it all. But I think they are really really proud,” she admitted.

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Her degree helped her in her craft 

Charithra Chandran would go on to graduate with a degree in philosophy, economics, and political science. The actress admitted that she doesn’t regret doing the program. In fact, she would do it again for it helped her in her acting career. 

I think that to be an actor, you need to be really curious. And I think that’s what my degree gave me. Like the curiosity and the will to go look for the answers,” she said.

She wants to perform for the next 56 years

The Oxford graduate landed a job at one of the biggest consultancies in London. However, she chose to leave it all for acting. Literally cold emailed various talent agencies across London. Few of them got back to me. I signed my favorite ones and umm the rest is history,” she disclosed. 

Bridgerton is streaming on Netflix now.

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