Charithra Chandran Reveals Her Favorite Line From Bridgerton Season 2 and It’s Not What You Think It Is

Charithra Chandran Reveals Her Favorite Line From Bridgerton Season 2 and It’s Not What You Think It Is

Although this is the second-ever project, Charithra Chandran is already a star. The actress has been hogging the spotlight ever since she starred in Shonda Rhimes’s Bridgerton series as Edwina Sharma. As the “diamond of the season”, she not only captivated the bachelors of the Ton but also the viewers. Her character’s progression throughout the series was astounding. Now the charming actress has revealed her favorite line and shared some advice for aspiring actors.

Charithra Chandran loves the meme about her THAT ONE dialogue

Charithra Chandra sheepishly admitted, “I think the one that everyone’s meming which I think is really funny is when I go, “Was I truly that blind?” And everyone’s like “Yeah”. Unlike her reel sister, Kate, Edwina believes in love and wants a fairytale romance. Thus she’s immediately taken with Anthony Bridgerton. But she’s so blind in love that she fails to notice the growing attraction and stolen glances between Anthony and Kate. Their chemistry was so palpable that even Daphne, Benedict, Violet, and Lady Danbury noticed it. When Edwina realizes it she breaks off the wedding but holds a grudge over them. It was at the meet-up at Lady Dunbury’s when they were planning to throw a ball when Edwina expresses her exasperation. 

That dialogue inspired too many funny memes.

She further revealed that her favorite scene with Jonathan Bailey (Anthony Bridgerton) was the ball scene. And with Simone Ashley (Kate Sharma) it was the dressing room scene in ep 1 and ep 8. 

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Charithra Chandran’s advice to struggling actors

She shared a bit of empathetic advice for other actors.

Don’t let anyone put you off it, break your spirit and really try to take control of your career and your future. 

All I can say is really be proactive, be creative, like put monologues on youtube, Instagram or Tiktok, you know. So if there’s always a way and I think the main thing is just to have a creative outlet and just keep working, keep pushing.” 

The Bridgerton cast still stays in touch and our favorite trio often checks in on each other. 

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