Cardi B Gives Credit to Kim Kardashian for Pointing Her to the Right Doctors for Her Plastic Surgery

Cardi B Gives Credit to Kim Kardashian for Pointing Her to the Right Doctors for Her Plastic Surgery

American rapper Cardi B has always been very vocal about her cosmetics journey. The 30-year-old has never shied away from talking about her body and the various procedures she has undergone to achieve the body of her dreams. The woman has undergone a couple of procedures from breast augmentation to liposuction.

Plastic surgeries are risky. One botched surgery and your features are ruined for life. But Cardi B looks amazing, so how did she manage to get the right plastic surgeons? The Bodak Yellow rapper recently revealed that it was none other than Kim Kardashian who helped her.

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Kim Kardashian helped out Cardi B during her nightmare; gave her a list of doctors

Cardi B recently guested on Jason Lee Podcast where she got candid about her various cosmetics procedures. Talking about her rhinoplasty she revealed that she was always insecure about her big nose; inherited from her dad. In an effort to make it look smaller, she injected fillers. But that did the opposite of making it appear smaller and slimmer. 

The one that saved her from the nightmare was the SKIMS founder. Kim Kardashian had given her a list of plastic surgeons in town to help correct her botched nose. There’s no surprise there. We all know how much the Kardashians love plastic! 

The WAP rapper was grateful to the mother of four and did call the doctors. She got a nose job in 2020 right after she dropped WAP. The work on her nose was perfect, but the Bronx-born rapper did not reveal the name of the plastic surgeon. However, she did confess that she is done with the cosmetic procedures for now. The mother of two is quite happy with her current body.

Just a month ago, the Hot sh*t rapper had made news for removing her butt implants. She had taken them out due to her pregnancy. But she advised her fans against getting any butt implants. Cardi B is anti-butt shots all the way after the wild process she underwent. Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian is also currently too preoccupied with Kanye’s wife, Bianca Censori to think about cosmetic procedures. 

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