Cardi B Could Face Legal Action by an Artist Over Her Simpsons Halloween Costume

Cardi B Could Face Legal Action by an Artist Over Her Simpsons Halloween Costume

An artist is unhappy with Cardi B and may consider legal action against her. The Anaconda rapper is known not only for her music but also for her sense of fashion. She saw her rise to fame in a pretty short time with her first hit song Bodak Yellow in 2018. Since then, the rapper won several awards and is widely seen at events.

Cardi B, whose real name is Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, is often seeing styling different and experimental costumes, even taking inspiration from shows. She appears at Met Gala and uniquely dresses up for Halloween as well. But this year’s Halloween costume could draw legal action by an artist that feels discredited.

How the Halloween costume worn by Cardi B could attract legal action

Cardi B has dressed up as Marge Simpsons on more than one occasion. However, this year’s costume has attracted criticism and possible legal action from an artist. As per a source, she posed in a red dress, which exposed her bu*t cleavage with blue hair and makeup which was similar to Marge Simpson’s look. But Italian artist Alessandro Palombo, who originally created that Marge Simpson drawing has taken objection to it. He alleges that the WAP singer was not authorized to copy the image.

As per the allegations, she also did not credit him for the work. She did, however, did credit French designer Thierry Mugler. Palombo took Mugler’s creation as his art inspiration for The Simpsons character. Claudio Volpi, Palombo’s lawyer said that “the most elementary rules on copyright and Instagram policies” have been defied by Cardi B in this case.

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As per him, Cardi’s team was contacted about his client not being credited in her Halloween photo, but they did not give any response, so he then sent a notice about the same. Thierry Mugler originally showcased the dress design in 1995 which was part of his Autumn Winter collection. Cardi B’s team is yet to respond to the accusation made by artist Palombo. It is to be seen whether a legal case is actually filed by the artist.

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