Can You Believe These Love Is Blind Season 1 Couples Are Still Together?

Can You Believe These Love Is Blind Season 1 Couples Are Still Together?

Netflix’s experimental dating reality show Love is Blind has already been back with season two. From a fan perspective, it’s much wilder than Season 1. They ramped up the two seasons with chaos, drama, emotions, and tears are all amped up in the latest season. It’s been two years, since season 1 dropped on the streaming giant and fans are wondering which of Love is Blind season 1 couples are still together. The first season ended with two couples who actually got married, but did any of them get back together after the show?

Love is Blind season 1 couples that got married

Lauren Speed Hamilton and Cameron Hamilton

Lauren Speed Hamilton and Cameron Hamilton were one of the strongest couples in season 1. Fans loved and shipped them hard from the get go. They got engaged and said “I do” in the last episode of Love is Blind season 1.

Even after two years, they are going strong, posting photos of each other on Instagram. They even have a YouTube channel, titled, “Hanging With the Hamiltons.”

Amber Pike and Matt Barnett

Amber and Matt were in love, but had their differences. On their wedding day in the show, the two did have cold feet, wondering if marriage was the right step for them. Amber explained her reasons in the last episode, and said, “Considering where I was in life before I came into this experience, I would never have guessed I’d be in a wedding gown right now, with a ring on my finger, and a whole new last name. I wouldn’t have believed it.”

However, they were determined to say ‘I do’ and did marry one another. Despite contrary fan expectations, the couple are happily married for three years. During the Love in Blind reunion, Amber and Matt hinted at planning to start a family.

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Love is Blind season 1 couples who didn’t say ‘I do’

Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes

From the beginning of the, it was very clear that Kelly and Kenny wouldn’t last. On the wedding day, Kelly said that she was not sure about her feelings. She said, “I don’t know if I’m 100 percent in love with him [Kenny]… that love that I had for my ex-boyfriend, I don’t have that crazy infatuation for that man.”

Unsurprisingly, the couple didn’t get married on the show and never got back together later. Kelly didn’t confirm any relationship and is currently running a business and hosting a podcast. But Kenny is now engaged to a photographer named Robyn.

Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas

Jessica and Mark faced a lot of trials during their relationship. They were always concerned about the ten-year age gap between them. They reached the altar together, where Mark said “I Do” and Jessica replied, “I cannot”. Both have moved on from their relationship, and are happy with their present partners.

As the season finale of Love is Blind season 2 draws closer, which of the current couples do you think will say “I do”? Stream the last penultimate episode and find out!

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