“Camera being shoved up my ass”: Why Did Ryan Reynolds Agree To Broadcast His Colonoscopy?

“Camera being shoved up my ass”: Why Did Ryan Reynolds Agree To Broadcast His Colonoscopy?

Ryan Reynolds is known for his wit and crazy stunts. Over the years, he has done things that may seem outrageous to many, which makes him the perfect Deadpool. So, when he decided to broadcast his colonoscopy, many were shocked but also not surprised.

Vancouver-born and raised, Reynolds has always loved moments of adventure in his life. However, this time, his escapade turned out to be the strangest yet most satisfying experience, as the Deadpool star agreed to broadcast his colonoscopy. But why did he agree to this?

Ryan Reynolds agreed to broadcast his colonoscopy over a bet

In a recent video posted on the official YouTube page of Ryan Reynolds, he and Rob McElhenney sat down to promote colon cancer safety. In association with Lead from Behind, the duo encouraged people to take a colonoscopy test and took a test together to spread awareness.


The video started with Ryan and Rob introducing themselves as the Co-Chairmen of Wrexham AFC. During the conversation, Rob revealed that in his competitiveness, Reynolds made a bet with him. The Mythic Quest star stated that “Ryan bet that I would not learn how to speak Welsh.”

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However, Ryan was left shocked when Rob started speaking in Welsh, so according to the bet, he had to broadcast his colonoscopy. So in response to Rob’s speech, Ryan Reynolds said that they both have turned 45 this year. Therefore, this is the right time to get screened as it would be a life-saving thing.

The video skipped to the test part where Ryan said that he has never recorded a medical procedure before. This time, it is not just about recording but sharing it publicly with everyone. Yet he took the chance to raise awareness that can prevent precious human life from this deadly disease.

“That’s enough motivation for me to let you in a camera being shoved up my ass,” remarked the Deadpool actor.

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What do think about Ryan being not just a witty persona but a socially responsible human? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box. 

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