When Ryan Reynolds’ Old Pool Picture Made Josh Brolin Say “I’m so coming over”

When Ryan Reynolds’ Old Pool Picture Made Josh Brolin Say “I’m so coming over”

Free Guy star Ryan Reynolds never fails to charm people with his versatile acting and fantastic humor. There might be a single person who doesn’t love him for his sarcastic jokes and banters because he is undeniably amusing every single time. Full of life and laughter, Reynolds is also a socially active celebrity who loves to share his life with fans.

As we see, the actor continually keeps his fans entertained by posting things on his Instagram vancityreynolds. While one of his posts caught the attention of his co-star Josh Brolin and made him leave a comment on the photo. Read on to know everything about the conversation between these two rivals of Deadpool.

Ryan Reynolds posted a childhood photo that made Josh Brolin swoon

In 2019, Ryan Reynolds shared an old newspaper clipping on Instagram, which had his photo. The clip showed fans three years old Ryan sitting poolside in the summer of 1980 in Vancouver, Canada. The Deadpool star looked adorable as a toddler in the black and white photo.

Now 45-year-old star also added a hilarious caption in the post that read: “This is from my hometown newspaper. I think it’s smart they discontinued the “wanna know where this child lives?” section. #Holys*.”

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Moreover, after seeing the cute picture, Deadpool 2 villain Cable, aka Josh Brolin, commented: “I’m so coming over.” The actor seemed interested in chilling out at the poolside with his friend and co-star Ryan Reynolds.

Deadpool stars have built a close friendship while their time together on the set

It’s been six years since the release of Deadpool 2 and when we saw Ryan and Josh cast against each other. However, this duo is exactly the opposite in real life, and they are excellent friends.

For instance, during the movie’s shooting, Ryan shared a behind-the-scenes clip where they both were chatting. Meanwhile, they are seen roasting each other in many interview videos, including a BBC Radio session where they played an insult game until one of them laughed.

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The more remarkably they have portrayed the rivalry in the movie, one might wonder how childish and amusing friendship they share in real life. What do you think about Reynolds being the most amusing actor in Hollywood? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.

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