BTS Idol Rap Monster, RM, Who Defeated Henry Cavil Recently, Switches to an Avid Collector

BTS Idol Rap Monster, RM, Who Defeated Henry Cavil Recently, Switches to an Avid Collector

On a break or not, BTS and its members still manage to be in the spotlight. Be it the maknae of the group collaborating with Charlie Puth, Kim Taehyung making the Celine Fashion Show all about himself, or Jung Hoseok releasing a chart-topping album. If you thought that was it, then you were wrong because BTS idol Rap Monster or RM was given the title of the Most Handsome Man, beating Superman star Henry Cavill in the race.

On June 14, the BTS fandom all around the world was in shock as the phenomenal boyband announced an indefinite hiatus. However, fans couldn’t be happier seeing the members living their lives to the fullest. One member, in particular, has added being a “collector” to their amazing portfolio.

BTS’ Rap Monster aka RM hopes to open an art gallery

It is not news to fans of the 7-member boy band that Rap Monster is an avid lover of art. Not to mention, with his beautiful dimples, raspy voice, and IQ of 148, he is no less beautiful than art himself. Over the years, Kim Namjoon, known more popularly by his stage name Rap Monster or RM, has given amazing book recommendations to his fans. During various events, RM has talked about his love for art in depth.

The rapper described his experience while looking at the paintings by Seurat and Monet as “Stendhal syndrome.” For those of you who do not know, it is when the art you are viewing touches you so deeply that you experience physical symptoms. What used to be the urge to just collect stamps, Pokemon cards, and beautiful shells during his childhood blossomed into a deep love and intrigue towards paintings, statues, and various other crafts.

Furthermore, RM is more inclined towards artists from the time of the Korean War as he can see the pain and chaos being channeled in their silent art pieces. On Kawara is RM’s favorite artist, and he has an entire room dedicated to the bright black paintings made by him.

The Moonchild singer also lent his Kwon Jin Kyu’s horse sculpture to the Seoul Museum of Art. His lyrics are a testament to his deep love and understanding of art. There is no shred of doubt that if RM does open an art gallery, it will be brilliant.

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