Bringing Back the Time ‘Single’ Henry Cavill Was Found Struggling to Sit Upright After Party With Paris Hilton in Backseat

Bringing Back the Time ‘Single’ Henry Cavill Was Found Struggling to Sit Upright After Party With Paris Hilton in Backseat

British Titan Henry Cavill has had a glorious professional life as a Hollywood giant. However, there was a time when his personal life, like most others in the industry, was taking quite a toll on him. Following his degrading relationship with actress Gina Carano, the stars called it quits in December 2014. For a while, no news of him getting involved with someone else had flashed until one day he was seen blurry-eyed and smirking with actress Paris Hilton.

The Man of Steel star was sprawled with paparazzi as he was coming back from the Pre-Golden Globes Award ceremony in the year 2015. Neither his dashing looks nor his outfit but the glamourous heiress, Paris Hilton, beside him, sent the internet tongue wagging.

Leaving in a local taxi was the Hollywood superstar, Cavill, with star Paris Hilton. While the actress appeared all relaxed and happy after her night of partying, with a beautifully done updo, Henry Cavill was borderline high as he was almost struggling to sit straight. Sources also revealed to The Mirror that everyone could not help but notice the sparking chemistry between the stars.

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The outlet further revealed that after having a great bash at the party, they were seen leaving Chateau Marmont together “giggling like school kids.” The heiress was fluttering her eyelashes at the star like never before. Cavill, for his part, was also seen in high spirits throughout the party and enjoyed the attention.

Were Henry Cavill and Paris Hilton a thing?

However, the duo was never as thing as fans were hoping back then. After being spotted together in the car after the W Magazine party, there were no further developments from either end. They had always been close friends, but they never dated officially.

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Cavill, after suffering through multiple failed romances, finally settled with all his heart in a perfect relationship with Natalie Viscuso. He officially confirmed the same last year in the month of April after being spotted together multiple times prior to the announcement.

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