Henry Cavill Reveals How Girlfriend Natalie Viscuso Opened a ‘Gateway’ For Him In His Hollywood Career

Henry Cavill Reveals How Girlfriend Natalie Viscuso Opened a ‘Gateway’ For Him In His Hollywood Career

We all are aware of Henry Cavill and his dominance in the Hollywood industry ever since his iconic Superman role. But did we know that behind all of it, he had a bit of lady luck that acted as a rigid support system all his way throughout? Although not from the beginning, Cavill had the love of his life supporting him through all his projects for the last two years. Here is what we have recently come to know about the couple. 

Although the star always remains tight-lipped on his private life, he recently spoke his heart out about his girlfriend. Henry Cavill and Natalie Viscuso have been together for more than two years now. But this might be one of the very few times we got an insight into their relationship. 

How did Natalie Viscuso help Henry Cavill with his career?

As reported by Deadline, the actor went on a thanksgiving trip in the interview expressing his gratitude towards all his family and friends for their eternal support. The top spot was, of course, his girlfriend, Natalie’s. When asked about his source of confidence and self-improvement, Cavill stated that it was mostly Natalie who helped him work on it. The actor could not stop gushing about Natalie’s endless support for him. In a way, “she opened a gateway (for him) to drive farther and pursue further,” said Cavill. 

Although he was all praises for his brothers and family, he appreciated his girlfriend on top of them all. The latter is also known to be in the entertainment business as the vice president of the TV at Vertigo Entertainment. They were last spotted together at the Enola Holmes 2 premiere before the release. 

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Speaking of Cavill’s struggles, the actor has come a long way in dealing with self-doubts and beliefs. Although he is lucky enough to have his girlfriend beside him, his own effort has also worked for him quite a lot. While talking about his own inspiration, Cavill said how he has always looked up to his idols. Their motivation has by far helped him to develop his skills, noticing how tough it was all “emotionally, psychologically…and physically.

Henry Cavill’s recent movie with Millie Bobby Brown has just reached our screens. The second installment of Enola Holmes 2 is out exclusively on Netflix! So what are you waiting for?

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