BREAKING: Cobra Kai Season 4 Netflix Premiere Date Revealed on TUDUM

BREAKING: Cobra Kai Season 4 Netflix Premiere Date Revealed on TUDUM

TUDUM is underway and fans have been getting glimpses of their favorite films and shows, seeing what could be next, and getting excited about the imminent arrival of the next set of episodes. 

While the first hour featured Stranger Things introducing the Creel house, Red Notice giving us a glimpse of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot, and Money Heist giving fans a teaser of the gang in the Bank of Spain, hour two had some massive things in store as well. In addition to Sandman, the beloved Karate Kid sequel spinoff, Cobra Kai, too, had its own slot at TUDUM. 

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Whilst the previous trailers had informed fans about Terry Silver from Karate Kid 3 being part of the show and had let us know about the All Valley Tournament for the Soul of the Valley, TUDUM had something even bigger. It answered the huge question- When will Cobra Kai Season 4 hit Netflix? Cobra Kai Season 4 will drop on Netflix on December 31. 

Cobra Kai TUDUM- Season 4 trailer

The TUDUM Cobra Kai trailer touched on the expected clash of ideologies between Eagle Fang and Miyagi Do. However, it should be noted that there was no simmering tension between Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence. Or was there? Well, they won’t reveal that right now, correct? 


The montage featured Martin Kove’s John Kreese right behind Mrs. LaRusso and the arrival of Terry Silver into the Cobra Kai gym. As Silver says in the trailer, “They’re not the only ones teaming up.” This is an ominous sign for the Daniel and Johnny team.

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He ties his iconic ponytail and his intense session on the bag is a sign that he and Kreese are on the same wavelength and mean business. Additionally, the trailer focused on the relationship between Johnny Lawrence and Carmen Diaz. 

Ralph Macchio’s Daniel LaRusso had his usual uplifting and motivational monologue to remind everyone about the seriousness of the next season. 

“Many of us used to be enemies but rivalries don’t need to last forever. The All Valley Tournament is just a few months away and the stakes are higher than they have ever been…”

Given the trailer, we can’t wait for what’s next in the Valley. And it seems as if Netflix has saved its premium offering aka it’s best for last. 

Netflix is ending the year with a bang

December is stacked for Netflix with Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep, Ariana Grande, and Jennifer Lawrence starrer Don’t Look Up, set to hit the platform on Christmas Eve. Meanwhile, Money Heist will conclude on December 3 and the year will literally be bookended by Cobra Kai S4 on New Year’s Eve, 364 days after Season 3 dropped on January 1, 2021. 

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How excited are you for Season 4 of Cobra Kai? Or rather, how thrilled are you that 2021 will have given us two seasons of this delightful show? What did you make of the latest trailer on TUDUM?

Catch the first three seasons of Cobra Kai on Netflix.

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