Brad Pitt Graces New York With Vibrant Look as He Preps to Shoot With George Clooney

Brad Pitt Graces New York With Vibrant Look as He Preps to Shoot With George Clooney

When you are just a year shy of turning 60, the world already labels you a senior citizen. But not for Brad Pitt. He still gives off the effortlessly cool vibe that made him a star in the 90s. If the 90s was Brad’s era, we think the 2020s also belong to him. 

The 59-year-old was spotted working extra hard in New York City’s Chinatown, in a bright ensemble. After his recent Oscars snub, he was seen in high spirits filming for Wolves with George Clooney. He surely is not taking any breaks. After Bullet Train and Babylon, the actor is on a roll! 

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Brad Pitt looks youthful in a bright beanie and a jacket 

Apart from his looks, the American actor is also known for his style. Brad Pitt had donned several looks over the years. But in his late 50s, it seems the actor has embraced brighter colors. Recently, Daily Mail clicked him arriving dressed up in an orange puffer jacket and a green beanie at Wolves’ set. 

He wore a red button-up and a yellow graphic t-shirt underneath. White sneakers and jeans complimented the rest of the ensemble. He completed his look with classic aviator glasses. Donning a chic short haircut that he debuted at the Golden Globes, he was also carrying a red cloth bag on his shoulder. 

For the actual shoot, he changed into a matching leather jacket outfit with George. He swapped his jeans for black trousers. The duo looked cheerful as they shot a chase scene together. Clooney was behind the steering wheel, chasing after a semi-naked Austin Graham. Wolves mark the pair’s third collaboration after Burn After Reading and Ocean’s Eleven.

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The plot is still under wraps, but apparently, they are both playing lone-wolfers. Without their knowledge, both of them were hired for the same task. Amy Ryan is also a confirmed cast member. With Jon Watts directing the film, the film has no release date yet. With such heavy hitters involved, the project has led to a bidding war among the streamers. But reportedly, Apple TV+ has won the rights to the upcoming flick

Pitt is definitely making it harder for Selena to get over him. Are you also a fan? Let us know in the comments. 

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