‘Blood Sisters’ Cast Features Top Nollywood Veteran Stars and Promising Newcomers in Netflix’s First Nigerian Original Series

‘Blood Sisters’ Cast Features Top Nollywood Veteran Stars and Promising Newcomers in Netflix’s First Nigerian Original Series

A lot has changed in the world in terms of cinema being introduced in different parts of the world. Cinema saw its birth in the European countries and gained a lot of popularity in the same. However, many other countries remain unintroduced to cinema till the very recent. This didn’t mean they don’t excel at it. The cast of the new Netflix series Blood Sisters is the greatest testament of this.

The cast includes veterans and new faces from the Nigerian industry, all of whom showed recently at the movie’s premiere. Let’s get familiar with these actors before meeting them in the new series.

Blood Sisters on Netflix has a cast full of stars

On Wednesday, stars from Nigeria’s film industry, known as Nollywood, walked the red carpet at the premiere of Netflix’s first Nigerian Original series, Blood Sisters.

The premiere’s theme was ‘Red and Fugitive,’ and Nollywood celebs attended in style to debut the series. The studio behind the show is EbonyLife Studios, a famous Nigerian production business. Nollywood veterans Kate Henshaw, Uche Jombo, Ramsey Nouah, Segun Arinze, and Joke Silva are in Blood Sisters.

Notably, Lai Mohammed, Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Culture, attended the premiere. He praised the launch as proof of the country’s growing creative sector.

The minister said, “It’s not easy to put your movie, talk less of a series on Netflix…this is one of the clear indications that our creative industry is going places.”

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Mo Abudu, the creator of EbonyLife Studios, claimed the series was shot in Lagos during the epidemic. As a result, he described the experience as “unique and intense.

The Nigerian film industry is a growing one

Nigeria’s film industry has developed to become a multibillion-dollar sector with international recognition. Other streaming services have also shown interest in the Nigerian film business.

For instance, Amazon Prime Video has signed license agreements with Nigerian filmmakers Inkblot Productions and Anthill Studios. This will allow Nigerian films to be available on the Amazon platform. This will also mean that the rest of the world will have more access to Nigerian works.

Nigeria is Africa’s filmmaking capital. Thus, Nigeria produces thousands of films each year, according to the country’s statistics agency. This means that the continuing deals with streamers could result in increased financial gains.

What are your thoughts on the Nollywood industry? Do you think Blood Sisters would be start of the industry’s wave to the rest of the world?

Stream Blood Sisters only on Netflix.

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