Blake Lively Once Revealed How She Was Accidentally Called Brave for a ‘No-makeup’ Look

Blake Lively Once Revealed How She Was Accidentally Called Brave for a ‘No-makeup’ Look

Wake up looking pretty or be a feminist? This was the dilemma Blake Lively had once. The actress is undoubtedly one of the prettiest actresses in Hollywood today. The 35-year-old is most popular for her series Gossip Girl. She has made her mark in the industry both due to her acting skills and her dashing sense of fashion as apparent from her Met Gala looks.

The actress also juggles her acting career and sharing kids with her husband Ryan Reynolds. Despite the hectic schedule, she adorned a visibly beautiful glow. But when a photo of her ‘no makeup’ surfaced on the internet, it left her questioning herself.

Blake Lively on being admired for an accidental photo

Blake Lively managed to tickle funny bones while being honest. The actress appeared on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon once. During the episode, Fallon showed the audience a photo of Lively’s Instagram post in which she posted two side-by-side photos of her, displaying the makeup by award-winning artist Vivian Baker, who was nominated for Academy awards for her work. But unfortunately for her, fans actually thought the photo on the right was of her without makeup. She was even admired for posting the photo.

“Wow Blake bravely shows what she looks like before and after makeup.” She also added, “I am vacillating between my vanity, which is like wanting to be like “I don’t actually look like that”, and then also like being a feminist.” She admitted to finding herself struggling with being able to look natural. But she would also like people to think she woke up looking beautiful.

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The two looks were done as per Lively’s character in the movie The Rhythm Section. While the look on left made Lively look fresh and clean, the right one shows the pale and tired appearance of the movie’s protagonist Stephanie, who looks devastated as a result of losing her family. The bubbly actress talked about the whole story while being frank with her thoughts on the standards of beauty.

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