“Billie Eilish and Drake asked for it”- Lollapalooza Is Bringing Back a Kanye West Feature from 2011 to Its Festival

“Billie Eilish and Drake asked for it”- Lollapalooza Is Bringing Back a Kanye West Feature from 2011 to Its Festival

Lollapalooza is preparing in full swing to host music fans this year. With people’s favorite musicians queued up, the music festival is preparing more than ever after its pandemic phase, to kick start in full glory. But hosting an event on such a message scale is a mix of high risk and the need to stay flashy as well as entertaining. But one of its features is a Kanye West reminder.

With Billie Eilish and Drake queued up for performances this year, the event team is prepared with measures as well as previous features. One such feature was a Kanye West idea from his first time of a performance at the music festival.

What Kanye West feature will Billie Eilish and Drake enjoy at Lollapalooza?

The Lollapalooza festival will be hosted at Parque Bicentenario de Cerrillos in Chile. While their long list of artists already looks impressive, it is bringing back the stylish catwalk stage for this year’s event as well. As per BiobioChile, this idea for this platform set originally came from none other than Kanye West. He had requested the catwalk stage during his performance with them in 2011.

Event Organizing head Sebastián de la Barra said, “This catwalk is going to be for many artists and indeed Billie Eilish and Drake asked for it”. He believes that the stage will allow for a better experience for the artist while bringing them closer to their fans. There will be around six stages in the arena, with this one especially kept for the headliners. They already have over 100 artists performing at the three-day music festival. Around 70,000 fans are expected to gather together.

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Considering Ye’s current status, he will certainly be missing out on the event. But when he performed, it was at a sold-out arena. The event began more than two decades before, in 1991. Here is a look at the festival so far.

From Ye to this year’s Lollapalooza lineup.

Ye first performed at Lollapalooza in 2006. This was when his ‘Gold Digger’ song became an instant hit amongst the fans. Thereafter, he closed the festival again in 2008. In 2011, he was joined by Pusha T as they performed Runaway in Chile. Eilish and Drake will be performing along with Lil Nas, Twenty-one Pilots, Cigarettes After Sex, etc.

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What do you think of the festival this year and Kanye West-inspired stage? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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