As Netflix Adds THIS Iconic Anime to Its Library, Fans Cannot Help But Go Mad Crazy Over the Same

As Netflix Adds THIS Iconic Anime to Its Library, Fans Cannot Help But Go Mad Crazy Over the Same

Netflix is home to a myriad of popular anime series and movies that it boasts about quite proudly. Ever since airing its first anime called Blame! in 2017, the streamer is a treat to the anime fam with the number of Japanese shows and animes it hosts now. This came off two years after the platform was launched in Japan. Cut to 2022, Netflix has already made 211 anime entries in total. However, the list doesn’t stop here. As announced earlier, the streamer has already added some of the titles from the list of top 13s, one of them being Berserk.

Upon the recent addition of what is called the best anime title to date, fans have gone crazy over it. A lot of them took to Twitter to express their joy and amazement at the title’s addition to Netflix’s screen. Here are some of the top tweets and reactions that fans shared.

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As Netflix redeems itself by adding Berserk, elated fans pour all their love and joy

Netflix is probably the only legit streaming service capable of delivering an uncensored version of Berserk. The only way going forward is to hire studios and finance projects. Amongst the rumours of another Netflix adaptation, the streamer pulls off a full chad move by acquiring the streaming rights for the epic 1997 version of Berserk.

Beserk has everything a good show needs: shock value, amazing characters and even diversity. This would explode its popularity even further and would therefore increase its reach. Although the date isn’t confirmed yet, it is a sure shot that it is reaching our screens within a fortnight. Upon receiving this great news, ecstatic fans took to Twitter to show their genuine happiness and joy.

Dubbed versions of Berserk all have over 100,000 views on YouTube, so it is pretty sure most people have seen it there. However, the problem was you would have to actively go looking for it on the video streaming platform in order to find it. The benefit of it being on Netflix is that people can just stumble upon it now, giving into Netflix’s expansion of its anime collection.

With this, we hope they also add the episodic version of the Berserk movies as well. Or perhaps it could just fund them to continue new Berserk anime or new Urasawa manga adaptations. Also, since the list of thirteen isn’t over yet, fans eagerly await for the rest of the titles to join Netflix’s extensive anime collection.

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