Behind the Scenes of ‘Thing’, Played by Victor Dorobantu in ‘Wednesday’ on Netflix

Behind the Scenes of ‘Thing’, Played by Victor Dorobantu in ‘Wednesday’ on Netflix

If there’s one thing that everyone is talking about right now on Netflix, it is Wednesday. As much as the show receives love from the audience, it is also appreciated by the critics. Amongst the many fascinating things about this show, the one that is “hands down” the most incredible element you will come across is the moving hand named “thing.”

You cannot call it just another element from the show because this “thing” clearly has a personality of its own. Naturally, many are wondering if it was a mechanical hand or if was there a person behind this hand. Don’t worry because we have all the answers for you.

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Who is the hand behind “thing” on Wednesday?

It is very necessary to make it clear that there was no CGI behind this hand, but a real person. You will be surprised to know that Victor Dorobantu, a real person who is also an actor, plays Thing on the show. It could be easily told by the gestures and movements of the thing that it is a person as it not only moves but displays a lot of emotions.

Netflix’s Twitter recently released a series of pictures in which you can see Dorobantu wearing a blue full-body suit, which he wore throughout the shoot. A fun fact about his hand on-screen is that it was made of latex to make it look like it was severed.

For those who do not know, “thing” is a fully functioning hand, that accomplices Wednesday almost everywhere and comes in handy when she needs something. It won’t be wrong to call it her best friend or her sidekick on the show, given the amount of time he spends with her.

Victor Dorobantu told ET, “It’s a lot of hard work to show emotion through a hand. I know a lot of people won’t understand, but after they see the season, they will get it.”

If you are wondering what a moving hand looks like, watch Wednesday now on Netflix.

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