Netflix’s Wednesday Humbles Millie Bobby Brown and Her Great ‘Stranger Things’ for THIS Splendid Category

Netflix’s Wednesday Humbles Millie Bobby Brown and Her Great ‘Stranger Things’ for THIS Splendid Category

The very true embodiment of the stubborn, single-minded, and obsessive daughter of Addams has made its debut on Netflix. The long-awaited coming-of-age series Wednesday arrived on the streaming giant on November 24. While eager fans binge-watched all the woeful episodes of the drama within a few hours of its release. Dipped in death and mayhem, the series follows the story of a teenage girl as a student at Nevermore Academy. Since her educational journey has been quite pernicious and she changed five schools in eight years.

When she entered the school where her parents studied, she gets to unravel many dark secrets. As the story unfolded, Wednesday Addams started liking the mysterious atmosphere of the Academy and so did viewers. Well, this is no secret because the show is currently running among the top 10 on the platform. This supernatural show has humbled Millie Bobby Brown and her megahit show Stranger Things for this splendid category.

Wednesday creates a new history on Netflix leaving Stranger Things behind

According to Deadline‘s latest information, the new Addams Family spin-off Wednesday just broke the records of Netflix. The opening week of the show became the biggest highlight of the English language series in Netflix’s history. Since the comedy-drama garnered 341 million hours of viewership in its debut week.

Jenna Ortega, playing the nihilist gothic child, instantly tuned more than 50 million households and left fans wonder-struck, as many said it was the most amazing adaptation of the 1964 television series. The highly anticipated show also took the throne of the best English Language series replacing the previous record holder show Stranger Things.

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The supernatural drama starring Millie Bobby Brown was watched for 335 million hours, which was the biggest record but no more. Earlier this year, fans were boggled by the powerful performance of the 18-year-old star when she confronted fears of her life. However, it looks like that the impeccable acting of the Scream star has overpowered the fan favorite show.

The 20-year-old actress portrayed a dark role in the show and she was spectacular in every way. From an unwavering display of spookiness to intense expressions of her face, Ortega won all hearts. Therefore, we have no doubt why this show takes the first seat in 93 countries.

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The supernatural drama is directed by Tim Burton, and the cast members alongside Ortega include Gwendoline Christie, Jamie McShane, Percy Hynes White, Christina Ricci, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Luis Guzmán. Wednesday is currently streaming on Netflix go take a look the suicidal and pessimistic charmer of the season. And don’t forget to tell us your views about the show in the comment section.

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