Becki Newton Explains the “Unconventional” Dynamics of Lorna Taylor Working With Her Ex-husband Mickey Haller, Calls It “Modern Relationship”

Becki Newton Explains the “Unconventional” Dynamics of Lorna Taylor Working With Her Ex-husband Mickey Haller, Calls It “Modern Relationship”

Netflix once again has something very binge-worthy to watch with the release of the cult favorite The Lincoln Lawyer, this time in a series. it’s adapted from Michael Connelly’s The Brass Verdict written as a sequel to his bestselling novel The Lincoln Lawyer. It blew up as a movie because Matthew McConaughey endowed his skills to it. Now with the series, the fresh cast makes it less appealing, but that’s not reason enough to pass on the crime-thriller without checking its potency. Mickey Haller is played by the Mexican actor, Manuel Garcia Rulfo, and his ex-wife cum case manager Lorna Taylor is played by the Australian actress Becki Newton. The chemistry their characters have has interested people on the internet.

Becki Newton talks about the unconventional dynamics Lorna shares with her ex-husband

In an interview following the release of the show, stars Becki Newton, Jazz Raycole, and Angus Sampson talked to Talking about the dynamic Lorna shares with her ex-husband, Becki said; “I thought it was unconventional. I think a lot of times on TV, we see if we see exes, they’re often at odds and there’s a trace of bitterness.”

She also said, “It creates a wonderful amount of complexity, but doesn’t create a conflict we’ve seen before on TV, and dares to go into a new territory: a modern relationship after people are no longer married.

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It’s seemingly the rarest bond people might have seen on screen, and the freshest take to it. There are complexities in it but sans the drama. Generally, irreconcilable differences are the reason for a couple’s separation; and to keep the hurt aside, there’s no thought of hanging out with them again, let alone working together.

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But what makes them so freaking compatible? The answer to that is Mickey and Lorna’s friendship. Before their marriage which lasted only a year, they were friends for 15 years! Their friendship is way longer than their marriage, which explains their gaze on each other. Lorna is Mickey’s case manager and a trusted bookkeeper. She’s a blonde stunner and is open and honest in a shame, which adds to her charm invariably.

For Mickey, who works from the back of his car, Lorna’s fancy condo serves as the make-shift office. He keeps paying her for the year he didn’t work; because he doesn’t want her to work for somebody else. He recognizes her expertise and wants it for himself. He’s unbiased when it comes to work and doesn’t think of the bygones.

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Mickey and Laura’s story is inspiring, encouraging, and trouble-shooting for lots. If you aren’t basking in their glory yet or feeling FOMO for not knowing their dynamic, watch The Lincoln Lawyer now!



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