Back When Salma Hayek Called Posting Bikini Clad Pictures of Herself “liberating”

Back When Salma Hayek Called Posting Bikini Clad Pictures of Herself “liberating”

Salma Hayek is one of those celebrities who raise their voice about anything they feel is right. She does not care what people think of her and does what gives her pleasure. A few years ago, this Latina beauty made it to the news for constantly posting her slaying all kinds of bikinis at beaches, pools, and whatnot.

In the year 2020, Hayek started posting pictures of herself biking in a series. She came into the news when she commented that she had no plans whatsoever to stop posting herself in bikinis.

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Posting in Bikini makes Salma Hayek feel “liberating”

Hayek’s pictures are authentic and natural because she does not post them with any kind of makeup or filters. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2021, the 56-year-old actress said that she is glad that she took so many pictures of herself in bikinis as she was on vacation and is not ashamed of it. She also added that she has worked a lot and lost a lot of weight to get into those two pieces. Hence, posting in them makes her feel “liberating.”

According to Body and Soul, Salma Hayek has always been against the typical beauty standards and hence does not believe in pretending that she is younger. She also said, “People are sick of it but I’m going to let them take a break.” Adding to that, Hayek said that all of her pictures are not from the same location.

Back then, Hayek had about 17.3 million followers on Instagram, which is raised to 22.2 million today.

Apart from being bold, she is also some of the very few who have defeated aging. The 56-year-old actress still looks as beautiful as when she was at the peak of her career.

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In an episode of Red Label Talk, Salma Hayek said there are no expiration dates for women, and they can kick ass at any age. She said that in an episode based on motherhood.

After beginning her career by working in Mexican Telenovelas, Hayek has worked in popular films such as Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard, Fools in Rush, and House of Gucci. She married French businessman François-Henri Pinault in the year 2009.

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