Action Comedy Where Ryan Reynolds Got Slapped Twice in the Face by Salma Hayek Is Now Streaming on Netflix

Action Comedy Where Ryan Reynolds Got Slapped Twice in the Face by Salma Hayek Is Now Streaming on Netflix

Netflix knows what they need to keep the viewers glued to the screen. Ryan Reynolds had a blockbuster entry into Marvel with Deadpool that cemented his superstar status. His ability to bring audiences to the theaters or get them to put a hold on canceling their subscription led Netflix to tap him for a role in 6 Underground, Red Notice, and The Adam Project. Now the streamer had added yet another Reynolds project to its catalog – Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard

Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard is now streaming on Netflix

The streamer recently shared a clip from the 2021 movie on its Facebook page starring Ryan Reynolds, Salma Hayek, and Samuel L. Jackson in the lead. The hilarious clip shows Salma disrupting Ryan’s lazy afternoon and kidnap him to help rescue her husband, Samuel L. Jackson. Ryan is unwilling to get involved in their mess again, but with the monsters after them, he has no choice. There is also a funny reference to the iconic bike scene from Tom Cruise’s Knight & Day! 

The Patrick Hughes-directed film serves as a sequel to 2017 The Hitman’s Bodyguard. Apart from just acting as a bodyguard for Samuel and his wife, the trio will also get involved in a mission to stop a madman from causing a massive catastrophe. 

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Interesting facts you didn’t know about this Ryan Reynolds starrer 

The picture of Ryan in an ugly sweater is from a time when Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman had pranked him at a Christmas party back in 2018. 

Salma Hayek slapped Ryan twice in the movie and boy she didn’t hold back even once! Did you know that the short-lived decoys, Johan and Gary are actually Ryan and Samuel’s stunt doubles?

They had to use a body double for Salma in the scene where all of them get drunk and fall on each other. Apparently, the actress was shocked when she asked to reprise her role, Sonia Kincaid in the sequel. Almost 150 of the crew that worked on the original film set, came back for the sequel.  

Are you going to stream the film? 

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