“At least it felt…” – Meghan Markle Compares Not Watching ‘The Real Housewives’ to How Her Life Is Full of ‘Drama’

“At least it felt…” – Meghan Markle Compares Not Watching ‘The Real Housewives’ to How Her Life Is Full of ‘Drama’

Kicking her podcasts up a notch, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, launched another immensely interesting episode the previous day. Her podcasts are famous for having world-renowned personalities from every corner of the globe. Carrying on her legacy, this time the duchess welcomed the most successful comedian of the era, Trevor Noah. Other big names gracing the episode were Andy Cohen, the primary host of Bravo TV, and Judd Apatow, another legitimate American Comedian. 

In the session named, “Man-ifesting a Cultural Shift” the Emmy Winning personalities, along with Markle, talked about how philanthropists like them make an impact on society. They also explored how certain labels and conventions hold women back at the hands of a chauvinistic society. But at the same time, there do exist some genuinely influential men who have contributed to bringing a change. 

Meghan Markle confesses that she does not watch The Real Housewives anymore

In the great cultural conversation, they had some intellectual exchanges about their main agenda. In fact, they also discussed the great influential shows that these brilliant men have been hosting. Speaking of which, Andy Cohen of Bravo TV, asked the host of Archetypes if she still watched The Real Housewives. Answering the “million dollar question,” Markle replied, “I stopped watching The Housewives…” She then continued to reason it out, stating her life “had its own level of drama” and that she stopped craving other people’s. 

Further describing her feelings towards the show, Markle stated Cohen began with Orange County. And given the fact that she hails from California, it felt remotely like a world that she knew. Nevertheless, “it still felt so foreign,” stated the former American actress. The TV series which premiered in 2006 had become a huge part of pop culture. In fact, it is still believed to be one of Bravo’s most popular franchises. 

Markle also confessed how her friends are still obsessed with the show. They feel it is way too entertaining because drama is the key element. Although she has lost her interest in the show, the Duchess affirmed that Andy Cohen “has built an empire.” Moreover, the fact that it has been there for so long, people find a different familiarity with the show. Further adding to the show’s reach, Cohen elaborated the show still exists because people like judging human behavior. 

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Hence, the show gives people the opportunity to bring in more speculations about some who do not even exist. It makes “guilt-free gossip” content for people to talk about “friends” who really are not their friends, stated the show host. They had a lot of discussions regarding how such iconic shows have made a mark in society. 

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