Anthony Bridgerton And Kate Sharma Are Still Ruling Hearts, As Fans Demand More Of The Power-Couple In Season 3

Anthony Bridgerton And Kate Sharma Are Still Ruling Hearts, As Fans Demand More Of The Power-Couple In Season 3

The triumph of the last two seasons has known no bounds when the blazing love was finding its way into the hearts of the characters. The depiction of reputed English households, their marriage-focused mothers, blooming relationships, and diamond of the season. Everything in Bridgerton enchanted the audience while the sting of love was the main theme that pushed the characters to reveal their passion.

Now the announcement of season 3 has once again unnerved fans as they want to know everything about the new love angle. Whereas they do demand to see the igniting couple Kathani (Simone Ashley) and Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) in the subplot of season 3. Fans are crazy about the chemistry they have when their stolen glances and longing stares took people’s breaths away. 

Kate and Anthony Bridgerton are a feisty pair of Bridgerton

From the beginning of season 2, Kate and Viscount have a spark when they have a panting horse race at dawn and she beats him. Although they did not know that it was just a start to their beautifully challenging story where Anthony has to choose his sister Edwina. And they both will keep on dodging their budding feelings. 

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However, fate pulls them back to each other and they realize that they cannot live apart. Finally falling into each other’s arms and getting married at the end of the season. Now fans feel robbed because they had very few moments of the couple. While the characters were so occupied with their chaotic conditions.

Fans wish to reunite with their intercultural couple in season 3 

Although the courting moments of Kate and Anthony have ended in season 2. But fans are not over with them yet and they want to see this newly married couple in the next part. Let’s see how fans are reacting on Twitter right now after the actors posted a photo of hands intertwined. 

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It is clearly visible through the comments that fans miss this adorable couple and wish to see them again.

Are you excited about the new love interest between Penelope and Colin? Well, we have to wait for the next season until then keep Netflixing and entertaining yourselves.

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