Another Couple to Tie the Knot in Kdramaland; Lee Seung GI Announces Marriage to Lee Da In

Another Couple to Tie the Knot in Kdramaland; Lee Seung GI Announces Marriage to Lee Da In

Is it the season of weddings? We think so. With the rise in the popularity of Korean dramas, Korean actors and actresses have also gotten their fair share of stardom in the west. Recently, one such mainstay of Korean rom-coms, Lee Seung Gi has announced his wedding plans to longtime girlfriend Lee Da In. 

This news of a nuptial comes right after another Korean heartthrob announced that he was settling down. Song Joon Ki revealed that he was starting a new family with British beau Katy Louise Saunders. Whether the Vincenzo star inspired him to pop the question or not, we do not know, but this is amazing news! 

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Lee Seung Gi intends to settle down with his lady love Lee Da In

Lee Seung Gi dropped the bomb on his fans when he revealed that he has proposed to his long-time girlfriend. He conveyed the delightful news to his fans through a post on his Instagram. Through a hand-written letter, as is the norm in South Korea, he addressed his fans. 

Apparently, Lee Da In accepted his proposal, and the couple is to get married on April 7. The Vagabond star wanted to relay this news as it was a big step for him. In his letter, he claimed that he was committed to taking care of her forever. He talked about his to-be-wife’s qualities, calling her a warm person. His love and adoration for the Alice star were apparent when he mentioned that he wanted to overcome the difficulties of life with her by his side. 

The My Girlfriend is a Gumiho star confirmed his relationship with the 1992-born actress in 2021. After dating for over a year, the couple was a target of certain malicious rumors. In 2022, there were rumors about a fallout between the lovebirds. Gossip mills claimed that the two parted ways. However, Lee later dismissed the rumors. He acknowledged that the two had certain miscommunications and misunderstandings. However, the two have sorted it out and are closer than before. 

The Korean actor, who first started out his career as a singer, recently starred in The Law Cafe.

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