Ana de Armas And Chris Evans Do An Iconic WWE Move, And Apparently, It Is Now The MCU Actor’s Favorite

Ana de Armas And Chris Evans Do An Iconic WWE Move, And Apparently, It Is Now The MCU Actor’s Favorite

The most awaited movie has finally arrived on Netflix, casting blockbuster faces of Hollywood. It is a story of relentless pursuit and thrilling adventure as we see our Marvel star Chris Evans and La La Land’s Sebastian, aka Ryan Gosling, in opposition, trying to beat each other. This impressive cast is constantly seen in promotions and interviews for The Gray Man talking about their roles and things that will amaze fans. In one of these interviews, we saw the all-powerful Captain America with Ana de Armas making a punch move. Let’s see the whole story behind the move that Chris loves the most and what we should call it.

Chris Evans is a fan of Roman Reigns’ most devastating punch move 

Roman Reigns is one of those celebrated wrestlers who has reigned the court of wrestling for a long time. While it’s perfectly normal to see a famous Hollywood star love the superman punches that he uses to shatter his opponents in the ring. But because Roman’s moves are so powerful and dreadful at the same time, it looks like we are watching a superhero movie. Certainly, real heroes like Roman inspire these action-thriller movies and super powerful protagonists we see on screen. 

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We all have seen Chris doing jaw-dropping action in Marvel movies, as he is no stranger to punches and kicks. In a live session of The Gray Man’s promotion, Chris Evans and Ana de Armas were asked about their favorite action move. To which the actor replied he loves the superman punch often used by legendary wrestler Roman Reigns in his fights. 

He was so excited to talk about his favorite move that he went on explaining it, saying:  “Superman punch is when you jump on one foot, and you jump with a long foot, and you punch in the air.” 

Thereby both the actors showed the fans this move in their fantastic style. Moreover, this clip went viral on social media as fans loved Chris and Ana doing this world-renowned punch style.

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Although fans adore every single moment of this charming star, he looked so cute, this time filled with excitement. And Chris has used this move several times, jumping in the air crashing with enemies. Now fans have this punch in their favorite gif list, and if you don’t have it, go get it now. The Gray Man is currently streaming on Netflix.  

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