Chris Evans Shows Off His Exquisite Tongue Game in an Interview

Chris Evans Shows Off His Exquisite Tongue Game in an Interview

Chris Evans, the well renowned Hollywood star is recently in news for his outstanding performance as a villain in The Gray Man. The movie is about a CIA agent who gets hunted down by international assassins and an ex-CIA agent(Chris). Out of all of his remarkable skills, the one fans find the most hilarious is his tongue game that he shows off in almost every set. The actor sticks out his tongue every time he sees a camera but his tongue game in an interview with the cosmopolitan UK has left us all rolling on the floor laughing.

Chris Evans and his all time favorite his tongue game

Recently in an interview with the Cosmopolitan UK where he talks about his preferences to play an actor or villain, he revealed his hilarious party trick. Here’s when this tongue flower came in.

Apart from that, his other party tricks included stacking a bunch of quarters on his elbow catch it all at once. Following this, he answered which of his played characters is more like him, and guess who it could be? Right! Steve Rodgers AKA Captain America, of course. “I’ve played captain America for a really long time and you always draw parallels between you and your character and he’s a good man. I’d like to be a good man and the more I was playing Captain America the more Captain America was putting to me,” said Chris.

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Chris then goes on to answer what he claims has the “best question he has been asked.” On being asked about the best dog breed he most identifies with and why he goes with being a Mutt or a German Shephard type or something more of a Greyhound kinda. He also mentioned that dogs have gravitated in his life typically. Find out more about the interview in the video.

Till we find some more of Chris Evan’s favorites, Stream The Gray Man on Netflix right away. Let us know in the comments what you guys think about the party trick by Chris.

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