An Adidas Rebound! Multi-Billion Dollar Brand Goes Out Looking for Replacement Collection After Notorious Kanye West Breakup

An Adidas Rebound! Multi-Billion Dollar Brand Goes Out Looking for Replacement Collection After Notorious Kanye West Breakup

Last year, the renowned sportswear brand Adidas distanced itself from the rapper and designer Kanye West over the antisemitic tirade. Since people have long condemned the brand to overlook his erratic behavior. So after facing backlash from netizens and big celebrity faces they finally called off their partnership with Ye. You still might have not forgotten how this breakup gave former Yeezy employees courage to make revelations that raised eyebrows.

This controversy’s favorite child not only abused his staff but was accused of showing explicit videos of his ex-wife. While the company did face the equal consequences of his actions and faced huge losses. This huge holocaust turned out to be a true nightmare for the firm as their stocks and sales plummeted quickly. As for the beginning of a new year, Adidas is looking to replace the Yeezy designs with new collection launches.

Adidas ready to put Kanye West in past with a new collection 

According to the information scrolled out by Yahoo, Adidas has launched a new collection on January 16. The designers that contributed to adidas’ collection of “suffering-forward designs” are Bad Bunny and Pharrell Williams.

The first look of the ‘Own the Reality’ REALITYWEAR line was revealed at Berlin Fashion Week. Other fashion sensations who featured at the brands’ opening included Phillip Leyesa, founder of famous online outlet Philllllthy, based out of Brooklyn.

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This limited edition line of clothes and shoes are “upcycled from clothing worn non-stop for six months by Cambodian workers who are owed wages withheld during the pandemic.”

Moreover, the sports brand has promised to maintain the newly established workers’ rights. Since previously, Kanye West is allegedly accused of mistreating employees of Yeezy department. So the new CEO Bjorn Gulden said that instead of hiding their “past transgressions” they are going to own all those mistakes and make amends.

Meanwhile, as for Kanye West, it seems that he is currently focused on his marriage instead of the past year crisis that left him with the tag of ex-billionaire. More shockingly, the shunned singer dropped a bomb that he secretly tied the knot with Bianca Censori after being absent for many weeks.

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What do you think about the new collection of Adidas? Do you think it will replace Yeezy designs in the market?

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