Amidst the Balenciaga Controversy, Kanye West Calls Out Celebrities for Being “Controlled”, Leaves Fans Divided in Two Polar Factions

Amidst the Balenciaga Controversy, Kanye West Calls Out Celebrities for Being “Controlled”, Leaves Fans Divided in Two Polar Factions

Kanye West has commented on the Balenciaga situation. The rapper, who is also known for his fashion creativity, recently broke his ties with Balenciaga, Adidas, and GAP. This came as a result of their different opinions and Ye’s controversial statements on various things, including anti-Semitism. Although the rapper claims that these big brands have their own shortcomings.

While Balenciaga distanced itself from its partnership with Kanye West, they have invited its own share of troubles. Their latest promotional advertisement has attracted a lot of backlash and requests for a ban. The rapper has given his opinion on the Balenciaga situation, and it has received mixed reactions.

Kanye West has spoken up about Balenciaga and fans have mixed reactions

Kanye West has made some bold claims yet again, this time on fashion house Balenciaga. The rapper said, “all of these celebrities out here, don’t let them influence you because they are controlled by the people who really influence the world.” He was referring to celebrities that have kept mum about Belanciaga’s highly criticized advertisement campaign, which showcases young girls holding bonded teddy bears and more.

Although the fashion brand immediately removed the campaign upon receiving criticism and apologized, there are questions as to how it was allowed to be shot in the first place. The video of Ye speaking with TMZ is on social media now, and fans have some mixed reactions to his comments.

Tweets pointed at how the brand swiftly swept the big controversy under the rug with an apology. Alot of fans agree how Kanye was right about the whole fiasco and how some celebrities are controlled by brands. Both Kim Kardashian and Ye would endorse Balenciaga. While Ye left, the Kardashian is still in splits about her partnership with the brand.

But one fan called Ye a hypocrite since the designer has continued to wear Balenciaga outfits even now, while another one called out his support for Milo Yiannopoulos.

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While Balenciaga deals with their situation, Ye is also trying to build his own collection of jackets to sell for $20, all while campaigning to become the next president. What do you think of his opinions on Balenciaga and celebrities? Comment your thoughts.

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