Amidst Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Spare Drama, Kate Middleton Strengthens Her Royal Circle With a New “public guru” Secretary

Amidst Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Spare Drama, Kate Middleton Strengthens Her Royal Circle With a New “public guru” Secretary

The Harry & Meghan docuseries and Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare, left no room for doubt that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry consider Kate Middleton a foe. Their tell-all ventures have told about how on countless occasions Kate Middleton was too “formal” and in the worst cases brought Meghan Markle to tears. But the royal family has held onto its stiff British Upper lip more strongly than it had ever before. And none of the working members of the Royal family have said a word about the apple that fell far away.

But given the scenario, Kate Middleton is on everyone’s speed dial for a reaction. And in this case, the Princess of Wales has not only remained headstrong and continued her foundation work, but has also hired herself a warrior. A new secretary with the charm of a “public relations guru” and the experience of James Oliver’s campaign head for five years, to be precise.

Kate Middleton is making her royal circle strong with THIS addition

Despite the countless accusations made by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton has not retorted. Instead, the Duchess of Cambridge has kept busy with her philanthropic works. The mother of three has long been invested in improving development in early childhood years through spreading awareness about mental stability. She inaugurated the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood in 2021, and the most recent initiative has been the ‘Shaping Us’ campaign where she oozed confidence in a red outfit.

Among the many reasons behind her confidence is the fact that 51-year-old Alice Corfield is now her secretary. Corfield was also at the helm of affairs for James Oliver’s food campaign through most of the last decade.

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The Princess’s choice of secretary has left many shocked, however, a royal commentator told Fox Digital that “This choice of Alice is not as outlandish as many are claiming,”. The news of Kate Middleton hiring a “public relations guru” as her secretary at the height of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle drama, was first broken by the Times of London.

It is definitely a smart move on Middleton’s part to hire a media-savvy and experienced person as her secretary when her Shaping Us campaign is at such a crucial point. Apart from a likely successful campaign, fans are wondering if Alice Corfield will advise the Duchess of Cambridge to hit back at the Sussex.

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