Amidst Ban and Controversies, Kanye West Gets Mocked by 21 Savage Affiliate in a Music Video

Amidst Ban and Controversies, Kanye West Gets Mocked by 21 Savage Affiliate in a Music Video

The habit of getting into controversies has finally ruined the career of Kanye West. The world itself is a witness to how he was shunned by his collaborators and presenters. While the final major decision was taken by Adidas after he made negative remarks about Jewish people. Shoes and clothing company instantly called off their partnership with the rapper when he said that they will always support him no matter what he says.

Taking a stand against his words, Adidas said they won’t tolerate any kind of hate speech. Therefore, one wrong step by the fashion designer on social media cost him his career and financial decline. Following this fallout, Ye decided to not speak for 30 days and cleanse his mind and thoughts. But it seems whatever he tries to do now his words have stained his image permanently. As the Donda singer is recently mocked by 21 Savage Affiliates in a music video.

Kanye West is disrespected in a new video launch of 21 Savage

The rising artist 21 Savage released a music video for his track Robbin Season on November 8. In the first half of the video, he confronted an actor portraying serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. Whereas the catchy part was when the singer meets a man resembling Kanye West.

The Atlanta rapper shoved this Ye-lookalike man on the ground. While the other men beat him up and snatched all his belongings. This thing came to notice because doppelgänger was wearing the trademark clothes and shades of the former Yeezy owner.

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Moreover, the two-minute video ended with this man lying unconscious on the ground. Therefore, the hint cannot be ignored since this man had so much resemblance to the Praise God singer.

What do we know about this musician? 

Although there is not much information available about 21 Savage on the internet. As far we know the singer made his debut album last year titled LARRY. Currently, he is trending as one of the hottest artists as he signed projects with rappers like Drake and Travis Scott.

Do you also think that the singer targeted Kanye West in his music video? Tell us your opinion in the comment section and stay tuned with us for more updates.

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