“Already broken” by ‘Peaky Blinders’ Ending? Here Are the Most Memorable Quotes From the Series

“Already broken” by ‘Peaky Blinders’ Ending? Here Are the Most Memorable Quotes From the Series

Peaky Blinders has it all: a dismal industrial England, elegant violence, men and women in suits puffing on cigarettes, and a lot of dramatic conversations. After six seasons, the criminal tale of the Shelby family has developed its own cult following. Although there isn’t much room for emotional or sobbing monologues, Steven Knight‘s script doesn’t shy away from short, sharp banter. Not to mention, cinematic lines between its characters, whether it’s Thomas Shelby’s (Cillian Murphy) dry wit or Aunt Polly’s fiery replies. Let us take a look at some of the most memorable quotes from Peaky Blinders.

Memorable Peaky Blinders quotes

My Suits Are On The House Or The House Burns Down

Peaky Blinders‘ quotes are often just memorable one-liners that highlight Tommy Shelby and the rest of the Birmingham gang’s badassery as well as their influence and power. This is an example of such a quote.

Lines like this, which are effectively spitting in the face of criticism, become instantly memorable when delivered by Cillian Murphy, whose performances as Tommy are always incredible. They could buy suits if they needed to: they had the funds, but they don’t.

Everyone’s A Wh*Re, Grace. We Just Sell Different Parts Of Ourselves

Tommy planned to utilize Grace’s charm and attractiveness to win over Billy Kimber in the beginning, before they fell in love.

Grace accused Tommy of prostituting her for his personal benefit after she discovered Tommy’s genuine motives for inviting her to a race. This was his clever retort. He is not, in fact, incorrect. Everyone, in some manner, sells themselves to acquire what they desire.

May You Be In Heaven A Full Half-Hour Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead

Grace and Thomas’ love story has a Shakespearean quality to it. Grace poses as a barmaid at first, and Thomas finds comfort in her presence. Thomas, a frequent drinker, goes out to his bar at an ungodly hour and asks Grace to raise a toast. She claims to be Irish, therefore, she knows how to make a million toasts.

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Already Broken

Tommy and Grace’s love is crucial to Peaky Blinders as a whole and to Tommy’s tale and character development, even after she dies. In this scene, she warns him that she will break his heart, to which his weary reply was: “Already broken.”

This Place Is Under New Management, By Order Of The Peaky Blinders

When the Peaky Blinders decided to venture out of Birmingham, they landed themselves in London, smack in the center of all the activity and in the middle of many feuds like the one between Sabini and Solomons.

The Peaky Blinders take over a pub to stake their claim, and it is at this point that one of the show’s most memorable lines is formed, with Arthur announcing that the Peaky Blinders have not only arrived in London but are taking over.

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