Fans Disappointed With Lack of Alfie Solomons’ Presence in Season 6, Will He Make It to the Peaky Blinders Movie?

Fans Disappointed With Lack of Alfie Solomons’ Presence in Season 6, Will He Make It to the Peaky Blinders Movie?

The Peaky Blinders fandom has always been conflicted. Whether it comes to Tommy’s actions or that of the Changretta family, their opinions stay divided. But, the one thing the fandom collectively agrees upon is that they all looked forward to seeing more of Tom Hardy’s Alfie Solomons in Peaky Blinders season 6. However, they have been disappointed time and again until episode five. Did episode six change this or was episode one Alfie’s last appearance on the show?

When did we last see Alfie Solomons?

The end of Peaky Blinders season proved to have been extremely disappointing to fans. They were left on a cliffhanger, something completely unusual for the fans of the series. Yet, Alfie’s return alone redeemed it entirely. Coming back from the dead (yet again), we see the fan-favorite Alfie Solomons. Just as he always had done, Alfie returned just the same man who loves to add streaks of threats in his sweet talks.

After his betrayal of Tommy in season 4, Tommy visited Alfie in Margate to kill him “in bad blood“. However, things turned out differently, and the two were even on good terms, as was revealed at the end of season 5 of the Netflix Original. So far in Peaky Blinders season 6, we have only seen Alfie in the very first episode and fans are understandably yearning for more.

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Will we see more of Alfie in Peaky Blinders season 6 finale?

What with the coming together of the finale of the show, there were many things that the creators wanted fans to focus on. From Michael and Tommy to Oswald Mosley, there were a lot of things that required fans’ attention more than others. And, only so many of those could fit into the one-hour frame of the episodes of the Netflix series. Understandably so, we didn’t see a lot of Alfie this season, despite fans wanting for the same.

However, for the good, this changed at the end of Peaky Blinders season 6. Alfie appeared again after Michael and Tommy’s feud finally came to an end. With Boston under Alfie’s control now, there is a large possibility we might yet see Tom Hardy bring this brilliant character to life again in the much-talked-about Peaky Blinders movie. Hardy could reprise the role as a major character, make a small surprise visit, or not appear at all. Of this, we do not know anything more than anyone else, excluding Steven Knight, does.

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Until the film is out, which will be 2024 at the latest, stream Peaky Blinders on Netflix!

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