AI Merges Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s Faces Into One, and the Resulting Image Will Leave You Shocked

AI Merges Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s Faces Into One, and the Resulting Image Will Leave You Shocked

As much as Ryan Reynolds makes headlines for his comical feuds with his wife Blake Lively, there is one more person he loves to do that with. It is none other than his upcoming co-star Hugh Jackman, who is very soon going to appear next to him in the anticipated project of Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool 3. These two might fight as much as they want; however, recently, the wonders of the twenty-first century have finally brought these two together.

The Canadian-American actor and the Logan actor are both very handsome individuals. But have you ever wondered what they would look like if they morphed together? Apparently, a Buzzfeed staff member, Spencer Alhouse has the answer to it when he brought out the combined image of these two superstars together, and the results are amazing.

Althouse used Faceapp to create the image that brought together some of the best features of these two and turned out to be the most attractive thing ever. The picture got the hair, eyes, ear, and face cut from Jackman while the beard, hairline and the nose belong to Reynolds. The eyes and the lips are a good mix of both of them.

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As fun as it looks, it brings out the best features of both actors in a combined form, providing their fans with something to discuss upon. However, there are other celebrities whom Althouse combined to form something new.

Who else apart from Ryan Reynolds and Jackman were morphed?

It seems like the Red Notice and the Australian actor were not the only people subjected this morphing miracle by Althouse. There are other celebrities that the AI blended well, and we’ve selected the finest ones for you. Ryan Reynolds seems to not be the only Ryan that the AI changed; Ryan Gosling is not far behind.

But the twist with Gosling is that instead of pairing him with a man, the 42-year-old got a chance to pair with his co-star Margot Robbie, with whom he will soon appear in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie. Surprisingly, the AI chose to display the combination of these two as a man, a very beautiful man indeed.

Besides, these two, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez and Dwayne Johnson and Jason Momoa, were morphed too.

These were some of the best combinations of celebrities which turned into something beautiful. What do you think of the combinations of all these celebrities? Tell us in the comments which one is your favorite.

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