AI Artwork Brings Together 3 Superman – Henry Cavill, Nicolas Cage & Christopher Reeve

AI Artwork Brings Together 3 Superman – Henry Cavill, Nicolas Cage & Christopher Reeve

The list of the most popular superheroes is incomplete without DC Extended Universe’s Superman. The Son of Krypton was one of the first major superheroes to be created. It is also one of pop culture’s biggest icons. Over the years, many actors have taken up the Superman mantle. From Henry Cavill to Christopher Reeve, several actors took up the role at different times. However, have you ever imagined seeing more than one version of Superman together?

In recent times, artificial intelligence has done wonders in various aspects of life. And the use of AI has become very popular in the field of digital art. And a recent AI art has taken over the hearts of DC fandom by bringing multi-generational Superman together.

Ever imagined seeing Henry Cavill, Nicolas Cage, and Christopher Reeve’s Superman together?

Superman has always been the crown jewel of DC. The Man Of Steel has had a very rich history both in comics and television. And over the years, many actors have taken up the mantle. The latest was British icon Henry Cavill, who recently retired from his role. However, a recent AI art surfaced online that brought together wherein three different versions of Superman.

Shared by AI Multiverse Art, the digital art sees Christopher Reeve, Nicolas Cage and Henry Cavill‘s version together. Reeve starred as the iconic character back in the 1970s. Apart from that was Nicholas Gage’s version of the character as well. Many of you might not know, but Cage was set to play Superman back in 90s. The project would have brought together Cage with director Tim Burton. Unfortunately, the Warner Bros. waved off the film post script stages.

What does the future look like for Superman?

Now that Henry Cavill has bid farewell to the role of Superman, the fans are very eager to know what the future looks like for DC’s most popular character. As James Gunn attempts to rebuild the entire franchise, there are still no updates on who will take up the Superman mantle from here on. Apparently, rumors suggest that it was James Gunn who axed Cavill.

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Furthermore, as per rumors, Euphoria star Jacob Elordi might be in line for the role of Man of Steel, which Gunn recently debunked. Which actor do you think would be a good replacement for Cavill? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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