Ahead of ‘Scream VI’ Release, Paramount Pulls a Humorously Horrifying Marketing Stunt

Ahead of ‘Scream VI’ Release, Paramount Pulls a Humorously Horrifying Marketing Stunt

Ghostface is making the New Yorkers ‘Scream’ ahead of his 6th attempt to send the rest of the Woodsboro survivors to death’s den. Well, if you recently had an encounter with a knife-wielding masked murderer, do not worry. It is all a part of the high-profile marketing strategy of the production company, Paramount plus.

The US-based outlet, Pop Crave, recently learned that the netizens of the sub-continent had a fit seeing the slasher Ghostface from the three-decade-old franchise, helmed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett. The cities reportedly included the likes of New Orleans, St. Louis, and Sonoma. Notably, Sonama is the place where they have set the fictional town of Woodsboro. The appearances reportedly led to a 911 call by the apparent victims.

The convict stated they were hired by Paramount ahead of Scream VI’s March 10 release. The production company, however, has made no comments about it as of now. Ghostface unsurprisingly joined in the fun by tweeting ‘I was minding my own business’ on his official account.

Fans issued an alert to Ghostface stating that if Jenna Ortega took up her Wednesday avatar, they might not stand a chance against her and Thing. Meanwhile, this is not the only time the producers have adapted such stupefying strategies to market their new installments of the franchise.

Paramount earlier also adapted such strategies to market the Scream franchise’s new installments

The production company apparently pulled such a stunt to market its 2022 horror thriller, Smile. Before the film’s theatrical release, they hired a few actors to sit behind home plate. They were seen flashing unsettling grins at the televised MLB games. The movie would then go on to become a box office hit, earning beyond $200 million globally.

Further, the very first film in the Scream Franchise, mostly filmed across Santa Rosa block which served as the infamous high school setting poked the high school which denied filming the movie there, in its end credits scene, stating “No thanks whatsoever to the Santa Rosa City School District Governing Board.”

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Scream VI will be in your nearest theatres on March 10. Till then, look out for yourself and capture Ghostface if you can.

Also, do let us know in the comments below if this peculiar marketing strategy made the upcoming installment all the more interesting for you.

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