Netflix Pits Millie Bobby Brown Against the Scary Ghostface for an Ultimate Eggo War, Fans Pick Sides

Netflix Pits Millie Bobby Brown Against the Scary Ghostface for an Ultimate Eggo War, Fans Pick Sides

It has been more than half a year since the fourth season of Stranger Things was released. However, there is no waning of fan enthusiasm when it comes to even the smallest bit of information about the show’s characters or stars. So, when Netflix declared war between Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and Ghostface, it gave fans a chance to brainstorm about the winner.

Netflix captioned this, “He doesn’t stand a chance,” implying that the streaming giant has complete faith in one of the most beloved superheroes. However, a majority of people in the comment section were concerned about something else.

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Who will win between Millie Bobby Brown and Ghostface?

One of the most intriguing aspects of Eleven from the first season of the show was her obsession with Eggos. No matter how madly she fell in love with Mike over the seasons, Eleven’s first love will always be Eggos. And when someone attacks something she loves, she will fight them at any cost with her whole strength.

However, Ghostface is also a tough competitor that cannot be underestimated that easily. This character became popular through the Scream franchise and is still counted as one of the most horrifying villains.

Even though the Ghostface does not possess any superpowers, they frequently display incredible resistance to physical injury, tremendous levels of physical strength, and an almost supernatural capacity for stealth, allowing them to emerge and vanish in circumstances that would seem to be impossible.

However, many fans are upset with Netflix for canceling the sequels to two of the most anticipated shows, Warrior Nun and 1899. Hence, as Netflix posted its Eleven vs Ghostface Eggo war meme, a large fanbase of the shows above came down for comment to renew them.

Hence, the comment section became more of a “Save Warrior Nun and 1899″ fan page. According to Augustman, the primary reason behind canceling these shows is that they were unable to maintain consistency in their viewership, even though they had a brilliant storyline.

The number of viewers was constantly decreasing, which was a matter of concern for the streaming giant. The saddest part in the case of Warrior Nun is that Netflix canceled the show just a month after the release of its second season.

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Do you also think Netflix should bring back these two shows? Tell us in the comments.

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