After The ‘Flashing’ Incident Reveal, Pamela Anderson Receives Support From Fans

After The ‘Flashing’ Incident Reveal, Pamela Anderson Receives Support From Fans

It seems like 2023 is the year of accusations, allegations, and filthy revelations. After Prince Harry’s outrageous and electrifying memoir, Spare, another Hollywood celebrity, Pamela Anderson is gearing up to share with the world her story of struggle in her upcoming book Love, PamelaThe American actress has ingrained her memories of the past and experiences as a ‘sex symbol,’ and how she became a celebrated actress from a little girl in her historical account.

And ahead of the January 31 book release, the Baywatch actress let out a glimpse of what her readers will be handling with, a sort of prologue to the narrative, recently. The 55-year-old apparently gives voice to the years of silence on the sexualization of her body since a tender age and the frequent mistreatment she endured at the hands of those who thought they owned her. One of the allegations came in early, as Variety reported her narration of how co-actor Tim Allen ‘flashed’ her on the movie set. And although Allen is in total denial, twitteratis have come up to support the actress.

Following Tim Allen’s Allegations, twitteratis emerge in support of Pamela Anderson

Anderson reportedly wrote of the encounter as an uncomfortable affair. In the excerpt, she narrated how she crossed paths with Allen when he was in a robe, and as soon as he saw her, he opened the robe and was “totally naked underneath.” The Home Improvement actor has denied any such incident, claiming he “would never do such a thing.” 

Illuminates have since been arguing why she is opening up about it some three decades after the incident happened. But her fans come in support, arguing that she is talking about an era when the masses would shut her up for such allegations. Today, in the 21st century, we understand the gruesomeness of the situation and she could hence seek justice. Have a look at what twitteratis got to say:

One of the users argued that one out of three women faces such assaults on a daily basis. Hence, it does not even sound surprising now.

Another user asserted that Allen did it because he knew of her powerlessness.

Furthermore, others are contemplating which party to believe in. While the Playboy model has no reason to lie, they do not want to believe in anything without solid proof.

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