After Several Mixed Reviews, Netflix to Renew Docuseries ‘Monster’ Based on the Life of Jeffrey Dahmer

After Several Mixed Reviews, Netflix to Renew Docuseries ‘Monster’ Based on the Life of Jeffrey Dahmer

Ryan Murphy has recently given Netflix two of its most significant hits. Monster: A Jeffrey Dahmer Story and The Watcher are the two shows absolutely killing it on Netflix. And these shows are not just good to watch; they are on their way to registering themselves in the history of successful shows on Netflix. That is because Monster recently became the second most-watched show in the history of Netflix, after Stranger Things.

So those who have watched these shows and loved them, there is good news for you. Netflix has decided to bring more of Ryan Murphy’s two masterpieces.

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Netflix renews Dahmer for two more installments

Monster will soon cross the viewership of 1 Billion. Netflix is absolutely awestruck by the performances of both Ryan Murphy’s creations. Hence, the streaming giant has decided to renew the shows for new seasons. On the one hand, The Watcher’s next season has been confirmed; on the other, two installments for the Monster series have been announced by the OTT.

While it is not revealed what or who these two installments will be about, Murphy said that he will create the show on another of those criminals who impacted society with their heart-wrenching crimes.

In 2018, Ryan Murphy signed a $300 million contract with Netflix and promised the platform quality content. At that time, lots of people doubted and criticized this move by the streaming giant. But the platform is known for its out-of-the-box thinking, and Murphy believed it as well. However, there is a hitch in between, as Ryan’s contract with Netflix is expiring in the upcoming months.

It will now be keenly observed whether he decides to stay with the OTT or joins another competitor. Some people say that he might join his old friend Dana Walden, who is currently the chairman of Disney General Entertainment Content.

On the contrary, Murphy is having totally different future plans in his mind. The director said in an interview some time ago that he might just retire one day. He wants to spend his time doing nothing or maybe selling beeswax products while he shifts to the East Coast. According to Deadline, Ryan said, “I just bought a farm and I’ve always wanted to be a farmer. I grew up in Indiana. My backyard was a cornfield.”

Well, let’s hope Ryan does not retire so soon, or at least not before amusing us with his spectacular sequels of Monster and The Watcher.

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What are your expectations from the two renewed series? Share them with us in the comments below.

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