After ‘Selling Sunsets’ Immense Success, Here Comes ‘Selling the OC’ From the Creators of the Netflix Reality Show

After ‘Selling Sunsets’ Immense Success, Here Comes ‘Selling the OC’ From the Creators of the Netflix Reality Show

Let’s be honest; binge-watching on reality shows is a guilty pleasure we all indulge in. This distinct genre of American television quickly spread its wings across the globe. Both skilled and unskilled people made a career out of it. The idea of watching someone’s real-life drama can be addictive for the viewers, especially if the subjects are rich. Many channels took advantage of it, and Netflix is no different. Considering the hot success of Selling Sunset, Netflix has now released a spin-off reality show Selling the OC.

The reality show Selling Sunset was first released in March 2019 and has already released its five seasons, with speculations of a sixth season coming soon. It was based in Los Angeles, revolving around the high-end estate agency Brett Oppenheim. The show captures the agency owners Oppenheim brothers, real estate agents Chrishell Stause, Christine Quinn, and Emma Herman, amongst others.

The plot covers the lavish personal and professional lives of these glamorous, competitive, catty but entertaining coworkers. The show became a massive success and was also nominated for the Primetime Awards in the category of Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program. So, unsurprisingly, we now have a real estate reality show based out of Orange County.

Selling the OC Netflix: What is different and similar about this spinoff?

Sun-kissed beach bodies, fancy homes by the coastline, gossip, and office politics. In a tweet from Netflix, we get bits of their new reality TV Selling the OC. The first season has eight episodes. The spin-off Selling the OC is a Netflix Original and premiered on August 24th.

Directed by Adam DiVello, Season 1 will see a long list of shiny agents, including Alex Hall (originally from the OC, Alexandra Jarvis, Alexandra Rose, and of course, the Oppenheim brothers. This series is based in Orange Country, Florida, following an agency of Oppenheim.


So the show has not only a different location but also new faces. While the gist may be the same, the new show will let people see new personalities and rivalries. The show’s concept has proved to be a successful formula for its creators so far, but will this show be successful in creating its own identity? We need to watch Selling the OC, available on Netflix now, and see for ourselves.

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