After Ending Their Billion Dollar Partnership, Will Adidas Now Turn Yeezy’s Into Ashes?

After Ending Their Billion Dollar Partnership, Will Adidas Now Turn Yeezy’s Into Ashes?

From being one of the most successful rappers and an icon in the fashion industry, life completely turned around for Kanye West in 2022. While Ye’s controversies and legal problems severely affected his reputation, they also took a toll on his wealth. The rapper lost one of the biggest brand deals with Adidas. However, considering how popular the Yeezy product line is, everyone is curious to know what the brand would do with the products. While the products are still available at the Adidas stores, product sales have been severely affected. So how is Adidas planning to deal with the situation?

Ever since Kanye West and Adidas parted their ways following Ye’s anti-semitic comments, the brand had to go through a very tough time. The sales drastically went down, and it was after many years that Adidas suffered a loss. It might shock you to know, but Adidas is currently sitting on $500 million worth unsold stock.

Adidas' Yeezy
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All the remaining unsold merchandise and the continued losses might tempt the brand to burn these products. The German shoemaking brand is still wondering what to do with such a huge Yeezy stock. Meanwhile, it seems like there a number of ways the company might tackle the problem in.

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As per analyst Tom Nikic, various solutions have been considered to get rid of the unsold merchandise. While speaking to the Washington Post, Nikic revealed, the brand could move on and sell the Yeezy’s at a discounted rate without a label, calling them “zombie Yeezys.” Another option is to destroy the shoes completely. However, there seems to be no report on how the brand would move forward with the dead stock. At the same time, rumors of Ye reuniting with the brand made the rounds not long ago.

While reports suggest a decline in sales, Kanye West’s Yeezy’s still in demand?

While all the odds seem to be suggesting towards a dip in sales, it seems like the Yeezy shoe line is still incredibly popular among the masses. As per CinemaBlend, Yeezys are still a buzz among today’s youth and the demands are still surging. However, this growing popularity is not helping the brand in any way.

The main reason being that should they sell the shoes, they will still be tagged as a brand that made profits from products created by an individual who pushes anti-Semitic statements.

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