Have Kanye West and Adidas Decided to Sell the Unsold Yeezys?

Have Kanye West and Adidas Decided to Sell the Unsold Yeezys?

If we look at the life graph of Kanye West, it is no less than a rollercoaster. At one point, Ye was on top of the world. He had sold a million records, created a name for himself in the fashion industry, and collaborated with some of the biggest brands in the world, including GAP and Adidas. However, fast forward to today, the Flashing Lights hitmaker has become the talk of the town due to controversies and legal feuds. A few months ago, the rapper lost billion dollar partnership with Adidas following his anti semitic comments. However, now that things are returning to normal for Ye, is Adidas planning to reconcile their broken partnership?

The past year was one of the most life changing years for Kanye West. The rapper quickly went from being one of the most successful designers to losing almost all his brand deals with various brands. In October, Adidas dropped Kanye West after the rapper found himself surrounded by problems over his antisemitism.  And now, latest rumors suggest that the rapper and Adidas be planning to fix their broken billion dollar partnership. As per The Sole Supplier, Ye will be entering into an agreement with Adidas to sell the remaining unsold Yeezy stock. Interestingly, the 350 “Pirate Black” is rumoured to be one of the first products that will be sold.

Is Adidas having a tough time without Kanye West?

The multi-billion dollar brand seems to be going through a tough time after they dropped Ye in October. While what Adidas did was considered morally correct, the brand suffered a significant loss. Since Ye had a fallout with Adidas, the brand had a tough time selling the remaining Yeezy products. As per News 24, the brand’s new CEO, Bjorn Gulden, reported that the shares of Adidas slumped following Ye’s exit. Furthermore, the company has nearly $1.2 billion worth unsold merchandise. It might surprise you, but this is the first time since the sports wear brand has suffered a loss in almost 31 years.

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As of yet, there is no official confirmation on whether Ye and Adidas will amend their partnership. Do you think the brand should bring back Kanye West? Do let us know in the comments below.


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