After ‘Argylle’, Henry Cavill Might Team Up Once Again With Matthew Vaughn Along With Anthony Mackie for ‘Kingsman 3’

After ‘Argylle’, Henry Cavill Might Team Up Once Again With Matthew Vaughn Along With Anthony Mackie for ‘Kingsman 3’

Henry Cavill is once again on track, and he is scoring projects back to back. After hitting Warhammer 40k, he also scored Matthew Vaughn’s Arygylle, which is a spy thriller. Apple TV Plus will produce it in addition to Vaughn. But, it seems like the Layer Cake director is loving working with the Man of Steel actor and hence has offered him another film.

Apparently, Vaughn is most famous for the Kingsman film franchise, which has set a benchmark in the action-adventure genre. Recently, the sources of Giant Freakin Robot have revealed that The Witcher actor and Anthony Mackie are both reportedly in negotiations to appear in Kingsman 3.

Moreover, these two supremely talented actors are not just in the talks for the third part of the franchise but have already discussed the shooting schedule. Sources say that the filming of the sequel might start in 2024 with a 2025 target release date. In addition to the many other questions, the crucial one is: who will Cavill play in the movie?

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Who might Henry Cavill and Mackie play in Kingsman 3?

Sadly, the probable characters that Anthony Mackie or Henry Cavill may portray in Kingsman 3 are unknown, but there are several fascinating possibilities. There have been speculations that these two might play the heirs of Harry and Gary from the previous parts of the film.

However, as per theory, Colin Firth and Taron Egerton, who played Harry and Gary, are said to be returning as villains in the next part. Vaughn revealed in 2018 that his number one choice to cast someone as a villain is none other than Dwayne Johnson. However, he has not spoken about it since then.

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In addition to wrapping up the connection between the characters played by Firth and Egerton, Vaughn has discussed the possibility of extending the series. Kingsman 3 is one of the most recognized franchises in entertainment that has had the biggest delay. It was originally planned to film The King’s Man, which is the prequel of the franchise, right after the intention of having Kingsman 3’s release by 2020.

However, after the release of The King’s Man in 2021, Vaughn mentioned that work on the third part will begin in 2022. Although there was no such update, it is once again in the news, and hopefully this time the production will begin for real.

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