After Adidas Defamation Claims, Fans Believe Emily Ratajkowski’s Awkward Encounter With a ‘Famous Man’ Was Kanye West

After Adidas Defamation Claims, Fans Believe Emily Ratajkowski’s Awkward Encounter With a ‘Famous Man’ Was Kanye West

After being thrashed by the backlash of his antisemitic remarks, Kanye West has now stepped into a new controversy. Adidas recently received an open letter from the former Yeezy staffers that shocked people. The document made allegations about the rapper that he bullied employees and showed lewd pictures to prospective team members. Showing support to the staffers, Adidas decided to launch an investigation into the whole matter, since the report said that the company has neglected all the misconduct because they profited from his designs.

It was also revealed that Adidas has tried to keep the musician away from employees through different tactics. But when things got out of hand, they instantly terminated Ye and now they are going to take action on the accusations. Following these claims, fans connected the statement of Emily Ratajkowski’s awkward encounter with a ‘Famous Man.’ They believe that the mysterious man she talked about is West.

Emily Ratajkowski might have described Kanye West in her memoir 

Last year, American model Emily Ratajkowski released a book named My Body which included a disrespectful meeting with a star. The American model included a chapter in the memoir titled Men Like You that revealed artist like Kanye West and Adam Levine wanted her to model for their campaigns.

In the book, she wrote about a meeting where she connected with a famous man for a modeling project. She flew from Los Angeles to London to meet him and talked about her experience in the book.

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“The conversation was awkward in the backseat of his car while his friend or assistant sat in the passenger seat,” read the excerpt. It was revealed through the excerpt that the unnamed man played a p**n in front of Ratajkowski.

She stated that the man commented on her naked body in a video. The model was shocked how he could do such a thing when she is sitting in front of him. Meanwhile, Kanye West was recently accused by former employees that he showed them obscene videos and photos. This thing struck fans that it might be possible that Emily was taking about the rapper in her book. Since Ye has done similar things to Yeezy employees.

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What do you think? Do you think it was Ye who humiliated Emily Ratajkowski many years ago? Tell us your views in the comments.

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