After a War Hammer Space Marine, Fans Imagine Henry Cavill as Another Iconic Character

After a War Hammer Space Marine, Fans Imagine Henry Cavill as Another Iconic Character

When revolutionary singer Carrie Norway wrote, “When one door closes, another door opens wide” in 1998, it is highly unlikely that the tale of DC ousting Henry Cavill only for other big studios to fall to his knees was her inspiration, but to say that it is a personification would not be a far fetch. Not too long the Cavill fandom was joined by almost the entirety of the globe to mourn the loss of him as Superman, along with that of the Geralt of Rivia.

After letting the British actor return to his trademark role in Black Adam and make an exciting announcement of his return to DC when fans were shooting theories of what the next movie starring Cavill’s Superman is going to be like, DC decided to back out. Thankfully for Henry Cavill, fans had enough of the actor not getting the recognition he deserves. And decided to send his portfolio for the spot of every iconic comic book character imaginable. And we cannot discuss iconic characters without mentioning the better half of the Caped Crusaders.

Not Superman but Henry Cavill can play Robin in DC

Cavill, on the same account where he excitedly announced his DCU return wrote in contrasting spirits that the universe did not have any place for him as Superman. And James Gunn admitted to it. In the process of revamping the DC universe to establish the same connection that Marvel has with its fans, the director has been the definition of what the Internet likes to call sus.

When asked if Batman was still a part of DCU, Gunn wrote, “He’s a big part of the DCU.” Nor did he instigate that there was going to be a Batman movie, nor did he deny it. So fans did what they do best and started to speculate. A Batman movie featuring his better half Robin emerged as a clear winner.

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And Henry Cavill is yet again the perfect choice for this role as well. The actor has earlier shown his comradery with Batman in Batman V Superman: Dawn of JusticeTherefore, his role as Batman’s much-loved sidekick should not raise any eyebrows.

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