Henry Cavill X Warhammer Collaboration Births Another Breath Taking Fanart

Henry Cavill X Warhammer Collaboration Births Another Breath Taking Fanart

Henry Cavill has moved from his unfortunate DC universe demise to another popular video game universe. The past few months have been one hell of a roller coaster ride for Henry Cavill and his fans after getting whiplashed with good and bad news back to back. While the other good news was unfortunately short-lived, the announcement of the actor joining hands with Prime video for his dream project, Warhammer 40,000, has brought timeless joy to fans. In the past couple of years, news around Henry Cavill was more often than not about his return as Superman to the DC Universe or else his fan-favorite portrayal of the Geralt of Rivia.

Many fans consider Henry Cavill to be the magnet to millions of fans that the series managed to garner. Additionally, the series received backlash even before its release because fans had almost no faith that the adaptation would be good. But fans gave the Netflix series a chance when Henry Cavill stepped up to the task and showcased his deep knowledge by casually reciting things deeply embedded in The Witcher book. The actor’s bulked-up body and yellow eyes slaying demons was something the audience could not get their eyes off. While it was clear in The Witcher, what Cavill’s role will be for his upcoming Warhammer 40K adaptation is quite the mystery.

Fans imagine Henry Cavill in another stunning Warhammer 40K role

Not long after the announcement of his dismissal from the DC universe, Cavill announced that he would be acting as well as producing the Prime studio series. Now fans had not one but two major reasons to be excited. Firstly the actor was righting the wrongs by stepping in as a producer for the series. And secondly, the fact that Cavill will also be acting opens the door of imagination for fans.

Furthermore, the actor has not announced what role he will portray. However, fans think the British, in all his bulked-up glory, will be perfect as a Space Marine in the Warhammer 40K universe.

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A Cavill fanart account on Twitter by the name of @FictionalPhotos, which often posts digital fanarts of Cavill, has posted another wonderful fanart. In the universe, a Space Marine is a strong transhuman warrior who possesses inhuman skills, just the perfect role for former Superman actor Henry Cavill.

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