A Royal Trend? Prince William Wears Two Watches Together, But Why?

A Royal Trend? Prince William Wears Two Watches Together, But Why?

It seems like the Royal family is maintaining their traditions while also getting technologically smart in their ways. And all of it boils down to the future king, Prince William. The Duke of Cambridge and his wife have a knack for fitness and a maintained lifestyle and his newest habit will perhaps be proof enough.

During his last two public visits, Prince William has been wearing one watch on each wrist, adding up to two. Among them, one is his timeless Omega Seamaster 300m, which his mother gifted him years ago. It perhaps carries many nostalgic memories and the Duke of Cornwall has seldom missed wearing it during his public appearances in the last 20 years. The other one is Garmin Forerunner 245 smartwatch. You can see the Prince of Cornwall wearing both watches in the image of his from his recent visit to National Maritime Museum Cornwall in Falmouth below.

Prince William during his and Kate Middleton's visit to National Maritime Museum Cornwall in Falmouth in 2023
Credits: Imago

As per Cosmopolitan, the future king wearing two watches could have a very practical reason for it. The passion of both Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, for a healthy lifestyle is no news to anyone. So the obvious reason for the Prince to wear the smartwatch is its function as a fitness tracker. It can help the royal to reach his daily fitness goals. And as for his classic wristwatch, he would perhaps never not wear it. It holds a special place in his heart and is a sentimental piece.

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Interestingly enough, wearing two watches seems to be something runs in the family as Prince William is not the first one to do so.

Prince William is not the only royal to wear 2 watches, Princess Diana did too

Decades before Prince William picked up his new habit, his mother was spotted wearing two watches as well. In 1981, Princess Diana also sported two watches, but on a single wrist. It was reportedly during the then Prince Charles’ one of the many Polo games before their marriage that year. While one of them was her regular gold metallic watch, the other one she supposedly wore as a tribute to her husband to wish him good luck.

WINDSOR, ENGLAND – JULY 26: Lady Diana Spencer, wearing a pink patterned dress, two watches and a gold bracelet which were birthday presents from Prince Charles, attends the Cartier International polo match at Guards Polo Club, three days before her wedding to Prince Charles, Prince of Wales on July 26, 1981 in Windsor, United Kingdom. (Photo by Anwar Hussein/Getty Images)

Notably, this was not the first time the Princess did a gesture like that. She also borrowed her sister’s tiara on her wedding day as a tribute to the Spencers’ family.

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