Prince William and Kate Middleton “Honored and Delighted” as They Take Up New Royal Duties on St. David’s Day

Prince William and Kate Middleton “Honored and Delighted” as They Take Up New Royal Duties on St. David’s Day

Regardless of everything that is happening around the royal family, it is business as usual at Windsor. The Prince and Princess of Wales have been relentlessly engaged in numerous royal engagements since the beginning of the year. Recently, after having finalized the rehabilitation center deals in South Wales, Prince William, and Kate Middleton have once again displayed a strong sense of responsibility for their newly assigned royal duties. 

The 1st of March, 2023, marked yet another royal first for Prince William as he debuted in his role of becoming the Ceremonial Colonel of the Welsh Regiment. Accompanied by his wife, the Queen in waiting for the throne, King Charles’s eldest visited the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards for St David’s Day, a national celebration for Wales.

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I am both honored and delighted to be standing here in front of you today as your new Colonel,” declared the Prince of Wales, addressing the Welsh Guards. Further talking about the journey that got him to the point he is at today, he expressed his gratitude to the camaraderie, the togetherness, and the overflowing support of the British Army from his days in the military that got him through. 

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Prior to the St David’s Day Parade, the crowd witnessed the next in line to the succession and the Princess handing out leeks, a symbolic honor of Wales with historical importance, to officers and guardsmen of his team. 

What did Prince William and Kate Middleton do at Windsor on St David’s Day?

While Prince William put on his gray Home Service Clothing of Winter Order uniform, Kate Middleton donned her all-time favorite, Alexander McQueen, in a gorgeous red coat significantly representing the red in Wales’ flag. 

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Kate Middleton also joined the band, which led a harmonizing rendition of the Welsh National Anthem. The same was followed by the signature God Save The King before the dismissal of the officers. Lastly, the duo also sat in order for an official picture with the entire Welsh Regiment. 

The Prince and Princess of Wales then further met with family members of the ones in the company as well as the 5th Royal Australian Regiment. Taking delight in other programs put up by people, the Princess brimmed with happiness as she watched a 9-year-old steal the show as he flaunted his acrobatics moves. 

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