‘Kengan Ashura’ Fans Can’t Wait for Season 2 to Drop on Netflix After “A long painful wait”

‘Kengan Ashura’ Fans Can’t Wait for Season 2 to Drop on Netflix After “A long painful wait”

With gladiators, violence, and a suspenseful storyline, Kengan Ashura is a perfect mix of thrilling manga. And here is good news for its manga lovers Netflix has made an announcement about the Japanese Manga series Kengan Ashura. The first part was released on the streaming service in October 2019 with twelve episodes. It is followed by the series Kengan Omega

Considering the first season’s success, the makers of the anime brought it back for Season 2. You will be able to stream on Netflix soon.

Announcement of Kengan Ashura season 2 thrills the fans

Netflix made the official announcement for Season 2 of Kengan Ashura on Twitter, and it shall be released somewhere in 2023.

Since the announcement, there is a mixed reaction amongst the fans though. While some are excited for the anime’s return on Netflix, others are disappointed at the anime’s release date, calling it a ‘long painful wait’

A lot of the fans replied with “Let’s Go” in excitement as a chorus reference to the anime’s theme song.

While one fan is hoping the second season will “have lots of episodes” since it’s late release.

Yabako Sandrovich wrote the series with illustration by Dorameon. The Seiji Kishi direction streamed online first with the episode ‘Kengan’. Ohma defeats a much bigger Komada Shigeru and shows his skills right from the beginning. The voiceover cast includes  Kaiji Tang as the show’s protagonist Ohma Tokita, Cho as Kazuo Yamashita, Jonah Scott as Lihito, and Erika Harlacher as Kaede.

Recap of Season 1 of the anime so far

The martial-arts manga is based on the Edo period wherein rich merchants and businessmen hired gladiators to fight unarmed battles in arenas, offering big prizes. One such organization is the Nogi group. The company’s representative Kazuo Yamashita once takes notice of Ohma’s skills. They hire him in exchange for money. But Ohma doesn’t care about money, he just loves to fight and win.

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Japan’s biggest CEO’s take notice of Ohma’s abilities and invite him to the Kengan Annihilation Tournament. But things get intense as the gladiator struggles with flashes of his past and he and the manager wonder about the intention behind the tournament invitation as the series proceeds.

Only Season 2 will reveal what happens next now. If you haven’t watched it yet, it is available on Netflix for streaming.

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